It’s A Family Affair: Janet Jackson Revealed A Very Talented Music Icon Is Her Cousin

Posted On : December 3, 2021

ILOSM family, throughout the years we, here at ILOSM, have prided ourselves on being truth diggers- always diggin’ for truth. Therefore, we’ve discovered and/or uncovered many facts about the lives and legacies of some of our favorite Old School celebs that were largely buried in the crevices of history and forgotten about. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that at any given point, a bombshell may pop out if we dig deep enough.

We’re talking about the type of bombshell that makes one catch a sudden case of a hearing deficiency, causing one to ask, ‘Say what now?!! Come again?!!’

That be’s the case with the colossal sized revelation Janet Jackson exposed in an interview.  Turns out not only are she and her siblings some of the biggest icons to grace the music industry, but so is their cousin. Only shocker is that most fans had no clue that the Jacksons’ iconic cuz’ shared the same DNA. However, Janet done spilled all the beans now and when you see who the cousin is…it’ll all make sense. Get your scroll on to find out below…

Janet Drops ‘Famous Cousin’ Bombshell…

During an interview on BBC Radio, Janet Jackson was discussing some unknown fun facts about herself and the Jackson fam.’ She caught the host by surprise when she exposed who her iconic cousin is and how they are related:

“People don’t know this one. Stevie [Wonder] is actually our cousin- on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this…[but] yeah he is.”

Stevie Wonder

When the radio host expressed his disbelief, asking Janet if anyone else knew that Stevie was their cuz,’ Janet had this to say:

“I’m the only one in the family that started talking about it just maybe, a couple years ago. He is really my cousin.”

Stevie Wonder hugging his cousin, Janet Jackson

Janet shouted out cousin Stevie on national TV in 2011…

Needless to say, everybody and their Mommas were shocked as hell over Janet’s revelation. However, this was not the first time Janet said this out loud on camera…

Janet Tried To Tell Us About Stevie YEARS Ago, But Most Of Us Missed It

We dug up a throwback clip of Janet introducing Stevie Wonder at the 2011 NAACP Awards, in which she slid in the fact about him being her cousin. Her revelation kinda flew over many viewers heads at that time, which is understandable because as y’all already know, whenever Black folks are close -as Stevie and the Jackson fa’ were always known to be- it is not uncommon for to call a close friend or mentor ‘cuzzin’…just sayin.’ Anywho here’s what Janet said that year:

“It is with great respect that we induct my cousin, Stevie wonder into the NAACP Hall of Fame.”

Check out the below video where she discreetly slides that whopper of a bombshell revelation in at the 3:28 mark…

Now the musical genius of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder- two of the world biggest music icons- all makes since. They possess a skill that cannot be taught, it can only be inherited (then enhanced after they put in the hard work to mold it)- it’s in their DNA.

Wow…we learn something new ’round here everyday.