Jackson Kids Appearing In This Reality Show, But Is This A Good Idea?

Posted On : August 6, 2015

BLOG mj kids and 3tThe kids of Michael Jackson and Tito Jackson will be appearing in a new reality show on Lifetime TV. Their mission is to shut down the rumors, naysayers and, negative press that goes hand in hand with being a Jackson. We will get to see their personal lives and get a better understanding of what it’s like to be a child of the biggest family name in music. Typically the Jacksons have always been a very private fam’ shrouded in secrecy and love (with a few recent exceptions- LaToya Jackson’s and 4 of the Jackson 5 members’ reality shows), but now they are slowly starting to peel their shells back more and more and this time around MJ’s kids are involved.

Tito Jackson with his sons,  pop group 3T
Tito Jackson with his sons, pop group 3T

Here are the details:

Lifetime has ordered The Jacksons: Next Generation, a docuseries that tracks three siblings from one of the most famous musical families, EW has learned exclusively. Premiering Oct. 2 at 10 p.m. ET, the series will follow TJ, Taj, and Taryll (above) – the sons of Jackson 5 member/Michael’s brother Tito Jackson – and will even feature appearances by Michael’s three kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.
3t and cousins

The Jacksons: Next Generation will show these siblings raising their children, coping with the stresses of being a Jackson (which includes dealing with “the constant rumors, stalkers, and frauds who all want a piece of anything and anyone related to the family’s legacy.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

MJ and his kids mj and his kids2We wonder if MJ would have approved of his children opening themselves up to the world to welcome even more scrutiny…maybe, maybe not.

Of course we’ll never know the answer to that question, but as long as his kids aren’t on TV getting into crazy spats with their Aunt Janet, like they did in 2012…

Or throwing verbal jabs at their friends like Nene Leakes did to Sheree when she told her “I’m very rich bitch,” then they should do just fine on camera…we just hope they don’t tell too much of the Jackson’s family business, or else the media will have a field day with it.
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Reality TV didn’t seem to hurt their Aunt La Toya, who had a successful stint with her reality show, Life With La Toya; and her brothers Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine had a reality show in 2009/2010 that was very interesting to watch titled, The Jacksons: The Family Dynasty. If you’ve never seen it, get a peak of it below.