Jackson’s Cousin Who Exposed Being Offered $200K To Say MJ Touched His Kids Dies Mysteriously

Posted On : May 12, 2019

James Newt - MJ - 2
In the 90’s, Ron Newt, managed his then pre-teen sons’ singing group, The Newtrons (above), which was signed to Joe Jackson’s record label, Jackson records. That was also around the same time that MJ was going through the child molestation trial, in which he was ultimately found not guilty.

Newt and Joe discovered they were cousins after working together. They then developed a close relationship and Newt knew both MJ and the Jackson fam’ very well, oftentimes hangin’ out at their Hayvenhurst family home.

In a 2016 interview with Vlad TV, Newt exposed the lowdown mess he was once asked to do to Michael, which¬†by the way, he turned down with the quickness…

Vlad: Michael was being charged with the whole child molestation thing and you actually got dragged into the middle of this…

Ron Newt: “Yeah a friend of mine told the National Enquirer he knew some family that knew the Jacksons and they called me on the phone and asked me to come to the hotel. Now me being a playa from the Himalayas, I said ‘I’mma go and see what they talking’ about so I can take the information back to Mike and Johnnie Cochran….”

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