Jackson’s Youngest (And Shyest) Son (17) Stuns Everybody With New Internet Show & New Voice

Posted On : May 16, 2019

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Well, well, well…look at who’s become quite the social butterfly as of late- it’s none other than the most elusive, most reclusive, and most shy sibling out of Michael Jackson’s offspring- Blanket a.k.a. Bigi Jackson (pictured above with his Pops). Within the past couple months 17 year old Bigi (he changed his name from┬áBlanket reportedly due to getting teased over it in school) has been spotted publicly a total of THREE times. Yeah, I know that’s not a major feat for the average celeb, but for Bigi it’s a 180 degree turn for the youngin.’

Prior to now, the 17 year old ran from the public eye more than the ‘Gremlins’ ran from water. However, apparently the youngest- and now the tallest, might I add- child of the late King of┬áPop has decided it was time to quit being so afraid flashing cameras and spotlights.

Needless to say, ever since making his switch into the limelight, fans have been shocked by how much the young brotha has grown. NOW, they’re equally stunned to actually hear Bigi Jackson speak.

Wait ‘Til Y’all See Bigi Jackson’s New Internet Show With His Family>>>