Jada Pinkett-Smith Shares Rare Footage Meeting Eazy-E, Reveals Why She Didn’t Like Him

Posted On : May 18, 2018

Jada Pinkett-Smith has always been outspoken; quick to share her honest opinion on compelling topics she’s passionate about. So, when she had the opportunity to meet to Eazy-E, she had no reservations about voicing her disapproval of the NWA legend’s misogynistic lyrics. A couple days ago, Jada took to Instagram with a rare clip of the time she had the opportunity to confront Eazy. Of course, the upcoming actress had her guards up, but she was quite surprised to meet a man who was totally different from what she expected.

Meetin’ Eazy”:

According to Essence magazine, Jada got straight down to business when she had a chance to talk to Eazy. “This is the day I met Eazy! We became the best of friends after this program,” Jada wrote. In the clip, she revealed how she’d planned to give Eazy a piece of her mind and explain why she couldn’t listen to his music. As a woman, Jada was brutally honest with Eazy admitting that she was highly offended by the rapper’s controversial lyrics. She even went a step further advising him of how he could positively use his platform to uplift women. “He, owning his own record company, can make a change within his community to uplift us,” a young Pinkett Smith continued. “When I listen to his music I want to feel good about myself, I want to feel good about my people, and I said ‘Eric, you have the power to do that.”

Watch The Video:

With the Instagram post, Jada admitted that encounter with Eazy actually changed everything. After speaking with him, she discovered there was much more to Eazy than what appeared on the surface. “I told him that before I met him today I would have thought he was a woman hater because of his music that he writes.”

Eazy’s Response:

When the talk show host asked Eazy if he was willing to take Jada’s advice, he seemed to agree with her to a certain extent. “Eric, are you going to do that? Will this change? Does this change the way you think about the music and the way you write?” the talk show host asked. He responded, “Yes. To a certain point.” The host continued, “You got now, a young sista here in your face, in your face who is saying I wanna see a change. I want to know what you can do about it?” Making an effort to defend himself, Eazy said, “I do say nice things about sistas.”

Not one to back down, Jada chimed in again. “To me!!” she said in reference to his statement about saying “nice things.” She continued, “But you got a song on the record, me being a young sista, I told Eric, ‘I cannot listen to your music and feel good about myself, now come on.”’

NWA’s Impact On Rap:

Back in the day, NWA quickly rose to fame with their unique brand of hip-hop. Unlike other rap groups who rapped about parties, dancin’, clothes, sneakers, and crushin’ on girls, NWA had a different approach to the rap game focusing on the harsh realities of life in the hood, police brutality, race relations, and other controversial topics. But they didn’t stop there.

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When it came to rappin’ about women, the guys had highly offensive references to women and their lyrics led to heightened criticism. NWA opened the door for rappers with similar, explicit lyrical content. Although they sold millions of records, that didn’t stop the criticism. Like Jada Pinkett-Smith, lots of women weren’t pleased at all. Kudos to Jada for speakin’ her mind.

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