Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Admits She’s Never Watched ‘The Jeffersons’ Before [Video]

Posted On : June 10, 2019
Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson.
Photo via Instagram.

While Jamie Foxx phenomenally portrayed “George Jefferson” in the ABC remake of the TV classic, it seems daughter Corinne didn’t really know his character at all.

Honestly, it’s reasonable since she’s only 25 years old. However, as Jamie Foxx mentions during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, “Yeah, the hood is gonna be mad about that.“After that comment, Jamie basically says his “Black card” might get revoked, given this revelation.

Nevertheless, Kimmel asks Foxx why he’d never shown Corinne The Jeffersons. However, she counters with a relevant rebuttal and states that she finds it interesting how “topical” the writing still relates to issues facing Americans today. Likewise, Jimmy Kimmel mentions that — while that’s true — it only makes our current state even more saddening.

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