Jamie Foxx Responds After Woman Files Very Odd Sex Assault Police Report Against Him

Posted On : June 13, 2018

ILOSM family, actor/singer/comedian, Jamie Foxx, is not in a laughing, nor joking mood today, after learning a woman who has just filed a sexual assault police report on him that quite frankly sounds hella odd. Check out what she’s claiming and how Foxx is responding…

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Woman’s Police Report Filing Against Foxx

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, Jamie Foxx and his legal team were shocked as hell, after being hit with the news that a woman filed a sexual assault police report against him in Las Vegas, NV. She claims the alleged crime happened 16 years ago. According to the accuser, Jamie Foxx slapped her in her face…nope not with his hand…BUT with his penis. She also says the alleged penis slap caused her to go to the hospital. I know what you’re thinking and I, too, have so many questions, but lets proceed…

So, if you’re wondering how the woman’s allegedly face ended by Jamie’s penis to begin with, that question remains unanswered. However, the accuser did give her account of what she says went down that day to TMZ:

The alleged assault happened in Las Vegas back in 2002. According to law enforcement, the accuser told cops last week she and a friend were attending a party at Jamie’s place when he tried to get her to perform oral sex. She claims when she refused, Jamie struck her in the face with his penis.

The accuser tells us … after the alleged assault, one of Jamie’s friends told her she had to get out of the house. She claims she went to a hospital the next day when she got back home to L.A. to get treatment for a severe panic attack. Law enforcement sources tell us Vegas PD lists the case as an open investigation.

Uh…there’s more…

Accuser’s Reason For Filing

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If you’re also wondering why the accuser has decided to step forward with her penis slap claim against Jamie 16 years after it supposedly happened, she told TMZ that the #MeToo movement has now inspired her. She also admitted she’s hoping to spearhead a movement against Jamie, by filing her police report. She hopes other woman will now make similar claims against Jamie…if they have been penis slapped by him, or something to that nature.

Jamie Foxx Strikes Back

Jamie’s not havin’ that:

Via TMZ: Jamie’s attorney, Allison Hart of Lavely & Singer, tells TMZ … “Jamie emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred, and he will be filing a report with the Las Vegas Police Department against the woman for filing a false police report against him. The first time [Jamie] became aware of this woman’s absurd claims about an incident that supposedly occurred 16 years ago was when TMZ contacted his representatives [Tuesday] about this story.” Hart adds, “The alleged incident was not reported to law enforcement in 2002, or at any other time in the last 16 years until last Friday because the incident never happened.”

Statue of Limitations in Nevada

Even though the accuser is admittedly trying to spark a #MeToo surge against Jamie Foxx, her own claims will probably run into a hurdle. Why? Because according to LV Criminal Defense Law Firm, the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes (with the exception of crimes committed against children) in Nevada is 4 years. So she’s actually 12 years past due on her 16 year old claim.

Overall, I’m not sure who’s lying in this penis slapping scenario, but SOMEBODY’s definitely Pinnochio right about now. Who do you believe ILOSM fam?’