Janet Jackson Drops Bombshell Revelation That A Famous Music Icon Is Her Cousin

Posted On : May 15, 2019


Janet shouted out cousin Stevie on national TV in 2011…

We dug up a throwback clip of Janet introducing Stevie Wonder at the 2011 NAACP Awards, in which she slid in the fact about him being her cousin. Her revelation kinda flew over many viewers heads at that time, which is understandable because as y’all already know, whenever Black folks are close -as Stevie and the Jackson fa’ were always known to be- it is not uncommon for to call a close friend or mentor ‘cuzzin’…just sayin.’ Anywho here’s what Janet said that year:

“It is with great respect that we induct my cousin, Stevie wonder into the NAACP Hall of Fame.”

Check out the below video where she discreetly slides that whopper of a bombshell revelation in at the 3:28 mark…

Now the musical genius of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder- two of the world biggest music icons- all makes since. They possess a skill that cannot be taught, it can only be inherited (then enhanced after they put in the hard work to mold it)- it’s in their DNA.

Wow…we learn something new ’round here everyday.