Jayne Kennedy & “Mrs.Parker” From “Friday” Have Gorgeous Daughters By Same Actor Bill Overton

Posted On : August 27, 2019

When we think of acting legend, Jayne Kennedy, and “Friday” actress, Kathleen Bradley a.k.a. “Ms. Parker,” we think of the bangin’ sex symbol images they portrayed back in the day and the millions of male fans who were crushin’ on them. What we don’t think of however, is the largely unknown fact, that these two queens have grown daughters by the same actor.

Surprised much? Yeah…we were too. Let’s just say that the 1980’s were crazy busy times for this trio. Meet their gorgeous daughters and the father below.

Meet The Pappy

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The father of Jayne’s and Kathleen’s daughters is actor, Bill Overton, who’s best known for his roles in 70’s and 80’s films.

First Came “Mrs. Parker” & Their Daughter

“Ms. Parker” was once ‘Mrs. Overton.’ Kathleen Bradley and Bill Overton jumped the broom in 1980, but headed to divorce court by 1984. Even though their wedded bliss was brief, they did produce a blissful moment- the birth of their beautiful daughter, Cheyenne Overton. She’s the eldest of the Overton girls:

Kathleen Bradley and daughter, Cheyenne Overton [@kathleenbradley Instagram]
Four years after divorcing Bill, Kathleen married her husband, Terrence Redd. The beautiful thing is that they are still married 39 years later. The two lovebirds shared their three decades together online:

Terrence and Kathleen also have one son together and Terrence has a daughter from a prior relationship.

Then Came Wife, Jayne Kennedy, & Their 3 Daughters

Jayne Kennedy and Bill Overton both went through divorces around the same time. Many of us, Old Schoolers, remember Jayne’s infamous 12 year marriage to actor, Leon Isaac Kennedy, which ended in 1982 – a few years prior to their controversial sex tape scandal.

Three years after officially divorcing Leon, Jayne and Bill fell in love and married in 1985. They’ve actually managed to do what many Hollywood couples have not- they stayed married and are STILL married 33 years later!

The Mr. and Mrs. have three daughters together, check them out below…

Daughter #2: Kopper Joi Overton
Kopper Joi Overton is a 29 years old social media coordinator for a kids entertainment and toy manufacturing company. Kopper Joi is a social media connoisseur from Los Angeles, CA with a passion for all things creative and innovative.

Kooper Joi Overton (via Facebook)

Daughter #3: Savannah Re Overton
Savannah Re Overton is a 33 year old media literacy advocate, communication/media and liberal studies scholar, and professor!

Savannah Re Overton

Daughter #4: Zaire Overton

Below is Zaire Overton. She’s a professional plus sized model, and a student majoring in International Relations at USC.

Zaire Ollyea Overton

It’s All Love

Just when you thought these two happy love stories couldn’t get any better, there’s more. Not only were Jayne and Kathleen blessed with wonderful children, they are homegirls! Here’s one of the most recent photos of the two of them celebrating Jayne’s daughter, Savannah Re, at her bridal shower:

Kathleen Bradley and Jayne Kennedy [Instagram]

Jayne Kennedy captioned their above Instagram photo with this:

“So thankful for our extended blended family. And even more so thankful for @kathleenbradley_mrsparker , my L.A.Sister. Who would have thought that she would be in the same city, same date! Her high school reunion and Savannah’s Shower coincided. So glad you could make it Kathleen. Love you!”

By the way, when it comes to Bill, he definitely has a type. The similarities between Jayne and Kathleen exceed beyond their timeless beauty.  Both of the ladies are former beauty queens, they’re both from Ohio, and they’re both actresses.