Jenifer Lewis Explicitly Calls Out Many Black Athletes & Others In Epic Interview

Posted On : May 16, 2018

Jenifer Lewis has never been one to cut corners. So, you can probably imagine how it all went down when she stopped by “The Breakfast Club.” In the hour-long interview, Lewis covered a lot of topics regarding politics, her career, and a few personal issues fans may have been unaware of. By now, most fans know Lewis is passionate about the things she believes in, but the latest interview goes a little deeper than expected. One of the most interesting parts of the interview centered around her graphic message to Black athletes.

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The Nixed ‘Black-Ish’ Episode:

Almost immediately after the interview kicked off, Jennifer Lews got straight down to business voicing her frustration about public issues that continue to plague the country. Last football season, many African-American football players were met with opposition over their decision to kneel for the National Anthem. Although America is supposed to be a free country, it definitely didn’t seem that way during football season. Since “Black-ish” -the popular sitcom Lewis currently co-star in- has gained a reputation of using its national platform to shed light on uncomfortable issues around the country, it came as no surprise that the show would tackle the NFL players’ decision to kneel. However, the episode was nixed by the network. So of course, that was a topic of discussion during the interview. But how does Jenifer Lewis feel about that situation? She quickly put things into perspective and explained why the players should continue to take the issue seriously and continue the movement.

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A Message For Black Athletes:

What should we expect this upcoming football season? Lewis feels like nothing should change. In fact, she believes all Black men, in every sport, should be kneeling. She even offered a few raw and uncut reasons why all Black athletes should always stay woke. Even though they’re paid a lot to “throw a ball,” as Lewis put it, outside of the stadium, there’s a daunting racially biased reality that their children could be subjected to, just like, us, regular folks. Therefore Lewis, pointed out that because they’re Black kids, the money won’t shield them from the possibility of being racially profiled, or shot and killed by police. The “Black-ish” star even went a step further, calling out the Black NFL ballers, with White wives and mixed kids, to remind them that their biracial kids are still considered Black and at high risk of being racially profiled as well. At the 5:05 mark of the video below, Jenifer Lewis breaks it all down:

The More Things Change…:

Lewis also wanted to remind everyone of the fight for equality that Black people began back in the 60s. Although the Civil Rights era was 50 years prior to the latest National Anthem controversy, Lewis wants athletes to be mindful that not much has changed, despite the advancement African Americans have made. There are still many hurdles that are present, but in different forms. She believes that with Donald Trump in office, Blacks and others who are part of the minority in America, are bound to face serious issues in the years to come, if Black athletes and entertainers don’t use their platforms to promote change.

The 61-year-old comedian revealed she’s been doing lots of traveling to promote her new book, “The Mother of Black Hollywood.” She made it clear that the book will be nothing less than what fans would expect from her. It’ll be raw and uncut because she has no plans to hold back.