Jennifer Hudson & Ex Now Going To Trial Shortly After He Subpoena’d Her Sis’ In Custody War

Posted On : May 2, 2019

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Just when it seemed that they were THIS close to reaching an amicable resolve in their bitter custody battle, Jennifer Hudson and ex-fiance,’ David Otunga, have just shot that hopeful assumption COMPLETELY down. How so? Well, it’s just been reported that they are officially gonna face-off in trial.

That news comes shortly after they were in the process of trying to reach a settlement over the custody of their son. They’d previously opted to delay a trial date and agreed to finally work out the terms of their legal tug-of-war on their own.

Unfortunately, amidst the constant accusations, disputes, and name calling throughout their lengthy custody journey, their agreement efforts have now apparently fallen to the pits of hell, after they were unable to reach a common ground.

According to The Blast, ‘the trial will begin on August 5, where Hudson and Otunga will testify in court to argue their case. The order notes the trial can continue on for eight days, if needed.’

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