What? After Work With Aretha, Jermaine Dupri Says ‘I’m Like A Gynecologist’

Posted On : January 25, 2016
CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television
CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Ok how in the world does Jermaine Dupri even tie in Aretha Franklin and Gynecologist in the same sentence? Well it’s an analogy, but it’s very weird to say the least. While interviewing with the ladies of The Real TV show, Jermaine Dupri spoke about working with Aretha Franklin and why he thinks that being a producers is also like being a gynecologist!

Dupri elaborated on the comparison, stating, “I only use that because as women, when y’all go to the doctor, you know what his job is. So you can’t sit there and act crazy, you just got to do what he says. ‘Open up and let’s go.’”

He further explained his analogy by using Aretha Franklin as an example and see the video. Click over to the next page>>>