Jheri-Curled Actor From “The Wood” Movie Has Totally Different Careers Now And We Love It

Posted On : January 12, 2022

Duane Finley [left] and co-stars in “The Wood” film
Remember the kid who was rockin’ the jheri curl in “The Wood” movie? In the film, his name was “Slim.” It was hilarious watching “Slim” and his boy, “Roland” (Trent Cameron), hype up the newcomer at their school, “Mike” (Sean Nelson), to convince him to grab the butt of  their schoolmate, “Alicia” (Malinda Williams), on the school yard during lunch.

“The Wood” cast

Check Him Out Now…

Fast forward to today and actor, Duane Finley, a.k.a. “Slim” has come a long way from his jheri-curled character days. He was also hosting an online radio show, called ‘Kidds Corner’ in recent years and yep, he’s still acting every chance he gets. But scroll down to peep his main job…

“The Wood” actor, Duane Finley, now

Some of his most recent roles were in various television series, including some of his most recent work on All Black Network’s, “Covenent” series…


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Duane Finley also co-starred in an independent television series, titled “Beauty and the Baller,” which aired on BET. He also starred in the film, “The Breaking Point,” which was directed by his former the Wood co-star, Sean Nelson…talk about coming full circle. It was good to see those brothers reconnect for that project.

Additionally, Duane linked up with reality star/singer, Ray J. Norwood, for an independent film titled, “The Pump”…


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In addition to his various acting gigs, in recent years Duane became a stand-up comedian. Truth be told, he’s actually a naturally funny brotha, so the comedy realm seemed like a natural progression for him.


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His Main Businesses Now…

These days, Duane enjoys being a business owner of multiple businesses. He currently owns two My Mailbox LA mailbox rental/shipping locations. In February of this year, he celebrated opening his second location in Inglewood, CA…


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That’s not all though…Duane also owns and operates a notary, live Scans, and tax preparation business, FinsLivesScans.com. Fins Live Scans is located in Inglewood, CA as well, and his service is also mobile. Get this…if you’re in California and need any digital live scan fingerprinting for your business needs, or if you need business documents officially notarized by a licensed notary public, give Duane Finley a call and there’s a high possibility the former “The Wood” star will pull up right to your door to take care of business. He confirmed on Instagram that he’s on the job, literally. How cool is that, right?


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Meet His Fam’

And of course we cannot talk about what Duane Finley is up to these days, without mentioning his most fulfilling accomplishment yet- his role as a father and a husband.

Below are some of the most recent photos of Duane spending quality time with his wife and their son…


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Duane having some alone-time with his wife…


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The best part of it all, is that the the brotha looks like he is enjoying life, and that’s what it’s all about.