Jill Scott’s Petty Divorce Settlement Finally Final & Ex-Hubby Got What He Wanted..Sorta

Posted On : August 23, 2018

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Neo-soul songstress, Jill Scott, and her now ex-husband, Michael Dobson, have been going through a bitter divorce that reached all kinda levels of petty over the past few months. They were married for just a year (2016), before filing for divorce in 2017. Now though, after all of the shade throwing, name calling and insulting allegations, they have FINALLY reached a divorce settlement. It looks like Michael has come out on the better end of things…well, sort of.

Details Of Their Divorce Settlement

According to Bossip, Michael is getting a lil’ somethin’ somethin,’ but not quite what he was probably hoping for:

Via Bossip: Under the [divorce] settlement, [Jill] Scott agreed to pay the $47,815 lien on Dobson’s Mercedes by Aug. 24, leaving her ex-husband free and clear of the car note debt, according to the settlement.

She also agreed to let Dobson come to her house and collect the personal property that he says is still at her house – including a massage table, hotel robes, a bathroom mirror and Prince’s Purple Rain album – as well as let her know who the new owners of the dog that Dobson said Scott gave away are.

But the good news for Scott is that their divorce judge agreed to uphold the terms of their prenup, and neither she nor Dobson will have to pay the other alimony.

Even though Michael didn’t get the alimony he was probably wishing he would, his attorney, James Cobb, stated that “We are very pleased with the resolution and hope the parties can now move on with their lives.”

So all’s well that ends well and now they can live peacefully in their pettily happy divorced bliss.


It was just two months ago (July 2018), that the former Mr. and Mrs. were disputing over bathrobes and Prince albums. Here’s what we reported at that time:

Husband’s Prior Pettiness
Michael Dobson, was clearly hella hurt and/or bitter over his pending divorce from Jill after just 15 months. How do we know that? Because his divorce demands seemed a tad bit uh…emotional and understandably so.

He was trying to make sure he gets ALL his stuff back from Jill, even his shoehorn and Purple Rain album:

Via TMZ– Michael Dobson filed docs in his divorce case with Jill … asking the judge to punish her and make her hand over his Prince album along with a bunch of other personal items. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Michael says he’s been pestering her to get his belongings from their house, but can’t because she changed the locks back in September 2017. He says she’s also got a grip on 5 hotel robes, a massage table, a Dewalt laser level and … an extended shoehorn!

Jill Scott’s Response Was Equally Petty
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Jill then hit back at Michael with an equally petty response. If you could use a good chuckle today, read on…

According to court docs, the “Living My Life Like It’s Golden” songstress is not only sending Michael to fish his own belongings out of storage somewhere – in July – she also refused to give back 5 of the petty items he’s requesting:

TMZ- Jill’s firing back with docs of her own — obtained by TMZ — claiming she tried to deliver Michael all of his things but got no response, so she sent them to a storage facility in Atlanta where he now lives, AND sent him the key.

Jill claims he’s yet to pick up his stuff — including the shoe horn — and refuses to make payments for the storage unit … so she’s still stuck footing the bill. According to the docs though, those 5 hotel robes don’t even belong to Dobson, because Jill says he stole them and SHE had to pay for them.

Whew! Pretty sure they’re glad this is OVER.