Jody Watley Celebrates Her Rarely Seen Son’s Birthday & He Looks Just Like His R&B Daddy

Posted On : October 21, 2017
Jody Watley

If you’re like us, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, you’ve probably been diggin’ Jody Watley (58) ever since her Shalamar days, when she was singing “Second Time Around” with Howard Hewett and Jeffrey Daniels. Then we got to love her even more during her solo days, when she was “Lookin’ for a new love…baby.” Throughout most of that time, very little was known about Jody’s private life. Sure, we’ve seen a few glimpses into her world, like the times she showed up to events hand in hand with one of her two famous exes. But other than that, ‘Looking for a new love’ were hit lyrics we loved dancing to, but looking into her life was untapped territory, understandably so.

Since we missed much of Jody’s private life in the pre-internet era of the 80’s and 90’s, many of us also missed the two kids she gave birth to- her 37 year old daughter, Lauren Watley (born 1980), and her 25 year old son, Arie Watley-Anderson (born 1992).

Jody shared throwback pic of her kids via

Although both of her kids were born to parents who loved the spotlight, they instead prefer to live life away from the cameras. Thats why it came as a surprise when Jody shared a recent photo of Arie for his birthday on October 17, 2017.

Jody Watley’s Son Now

On her blog, Jody showed love to her second born with this cool shout out:

“Today is a blessed day in my life – the birth of my son Arie, the best son in the world to me! Arie is one of the lights in my life and I know I am in his Raising Arie and his sister Lauren has and continues to enrich my life. I’m so proud of the young man he has become and the man I know he will continue to be.”

Who’s His Daddy?

Recent photo of Andre Cymone

Although not much is known about Arie, a lot is known about his singer/musician pops, Andre Cymone (59). Many Old Schoolers remember Andre for being one of the very first members of Prince’s band, Grand Central.

Andre Cymone and Prince performing on stage

He also co-wrote and produced many hit records, including Jody’s hits, “Real Love” and “Looking For A New Love” back in the day.

Andre Cymone with his then wife, Jody Watley

In addition to that, Andre has had solo success of his own as a singer and guitarist. What’s also known about Cymone is that he was Prince’s childhood best friend and his family actually took Prince in when they were kids, after Prince’s father kicked him outta the house.

I always thought this photo would only be seen if you came by the house….

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Neither Andre,’ nor Jody, speak much publicly about their son -at Arie’s request- but in an interview with Star Tribune, Andre’ did reveal his son’s musical gifts and his occupation at that time:

“He’s [Arie] awesome. He kind of does music, but he’s not into music right now. He’s doing some graphic artist design,” revealed Andre Cymone.

Jody also revealed a few more recent details about Arie, when she replied to a fan on Facebook, regarding his marital status:

“My son is not married, he’s a college student.”

Jody Speaks About The Joys & Sacrifices Of Her Kids

It’s…not easy to be the child of someone recognizable and famous. “Watley — are you related to THE Jody Watley by any chance?”, is a question they get a lot. With that comes expectations, judgements questions and assumptions from total strangers. To them, I’m just their Mom – a ‘Goddess’, as they say. On any melancholy or difficult day I’ve had in this business or in life, mending a broken heart or whatever; nothing lifts me more than when they have told me with hugs “You’re the best Mom in the whole wide world.” […] My children inspire me in so many ways and I let them know it all the time.

Fun Fact:

Jody and her daughter, Lauren

Jody Watley’s daughter, Lauren, is the product of Watley’s relationship with her ex-fiancee, Leon Sylvers III (64), of the 70’s soul group, The Sylvers.

(L) Leon Sylvers III; (R) The Sylvers

The Sylvers had several hits back in the day, including “Boogie Fever”…

And there ya’ have it ILOSM family, a few Old School fun facts about another legend we love.