John Legend Defiantly Reacts To “Underground” Slave Series’ Sudden Cancellation

Posted On : May 31, 2017

If you’re a fan of Underground, the WGN hit TV series that highlights the other side of slavery- the rebellious side, where many slaves revolted against the system to gain freedom- then you’ve probably heard the news- it’s cancelled. After just two seasons, the new executives that were hired by the network, decided to pull the plug and take the network in a ‘different’ direction, according to executive producer/singer, John Legend.

John Legend


‘Noah’ Broke The News, Asks Fans For Support

The cancellation news hit many loyal fans like a ton of bricks. The first person to break the news to the public was actor, Aldis Hodge. He plays the runaway slave, ‘Noah,’- the love interest of Jurnee Smollett’s character, ‘Rosalee.’ In his Instagram post Aldis wrote a touching “thank you and farewell” message.

“Underground” actors, Aldis Hodge and Jurnee Smollett

He further explained that “After two seasons, it’s time for #UndergroundWGN to say goodbye. Unfortunately we will not be coming back for a 3rd season on #WGNAmerica. I understand that this is tough news for a lot of people to hear and I know many have personally expressed their anger. But I encourage you to repurpose your anger in a positive way by sharing your passion for this show by reaching out to the network you would like to see us on. Thank you all so much for being so supportive over these two seasons. It’s been a fantastic ride and I can’t thank you enough for all of the love.”

“The Show’s Official Announcement

Then came the official announcement made by Underground’s Instagram page:

“After two seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to #UndergroundWGN. We hope you keep the spirit inspired by these characters & stories alive!”

John Legend Gives Fans Hope w/ Hint Of Rebelliousness

Fans were still disappointed and it wasn’t until John Legend came through with his words of rebelliousness that kinda felt like the rebellious spirit we watched the resilient runaway slaves express in his TV series. Legend is not giving up on Underground and feels confident that with the support of we, the fans, it can and ultimately will find a new platform to be featured on:

#RenewUnderground #Underground

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“#RenewUnderground…drop some hints to the networks/streaming services you want to pick up #Underground. Show them who will be watching!” Legend continued “Content wins. We’re not reliant on a particular network to make great content. We’re so proud of our show and the audience that supported!” Legend also warned TV viewers about the conspiracies taking place behind the scenes of some networks, by telling them to “be wary of Sinclair though. They’re trying to make local stations mini Fox Newses, but more to the right.”

Just like the old school saying goes, ‘one monkey don’t stop no show.’ We feel you John! Make those who doubted you (and the show’s cast and crew) regret their decision and never look back…can’t wait to see Underground back like it never left real soon!