Johnny Gill CLAPS BACK HARD At Ex Stacy Lattisaw &Her Brother Over NE Movie!

Posted On : February 17, 2017

fb johnny gill and lattisaw
Johnny Gill did an interview recently and had quite a few things to get off of his chest. In case y’all haven’t learned by now, Johnny may sing all those love songs, but don’t let his calm demeanor, New Edition suits, and “My, My, My” riffs fool ya,’ dude speaks his mind no matter what! It’s the only way he knows how to be and we respect that about him. With that said, check out how he responded to his ex-girlfriend/singer, Stacy Lattisaw (one of my favorite 80s singers), and her brother below…


In case you missed our previous report, Stacy and her brother, Jerry, went off on social media after seeing Johnny Gill reveal, in The New Edition Story, that she broke up with him back in the day because her Mother didn’t approve of his dark skin:Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.48.09 AM

And now Johnny Gill has clapped back somethin’ SERIOUS>>>