Johnny Gill Revealed What He Most Regrets About Mother Of His Son

Posted On : June 29, 2016

Johnny Gill recently spoke out about the difficulties and blessings of raising his son, Isaiah, who is about 10 years old now. Gill admitted that his own upbringing is very different from that of his son’s, because his parents were married his whole life. There is one main thing that Gill admitted that he most regrets about the mother of his child, who is a Washington D.C. journalist, though…


6-30 johnny gill and son Johnny explained to Essence the "challenges" of co-parenting their son, Isaiah (shown above) between D.C. (where the mother lives) and L.A. (where Johnny lives). Gill's biggest regret about the mother of his child is that they were never in a relationship.

"For me, co-parenting is not the most optimum way of raising children. My one and only regret is that Isaiah's mother and I were never together in a relationship. There have been times when I dropped him off at the airport and he would reach out his arms and cry "Daddy," and it made me feel horrible. Or I would get calls from the school faculty and he would say to them, "I just want my Daddy." It would rip my heart out."
After a few of those incidents, I've said to myself, "I will never, ever have a co-parenting situation again. Never." I do want more kids, but it will be with a mother and father in one home, under one roof. Thankfully, I am in a good place with Isaiah’s mother, and through the years, we’ve watched each other grow. She's been an incredible mother." - Johnny Gill
We're not sure if Johnny and his son's mother just had a quick fling, but regardless of how they hooked up, it's great to see them parenting their son amicably like grown folks should. SEE WHICH 2 CELEBRITY FRIENDS JOHNNY SAID HE GETS PARENTING GUIDANCE FROM>>>
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