Jon B Tells How His Black Queen & Kids Help Him, Years After Professing Love For Black Women

Posted On : September 16, 2021
Jon B.

Most of us Old Schoolers remember singer/producer, Jon B., very well. He was the only hit-making Caucasian R&B artist of that era and he was also Babyface’s protege.’

Matter of fact, after many fans first heard his ’95 hit, “Someone To Love,” we thought, ‘Why did Babyface make himself sound like a duet, when it’s really just him on the record?’ Then came their music video and we realized Babyface actually wasn’t frontin’ after all, because it really was a duet…with a White dude who sounded just like him.

Nowadays the 46 year old singer and musician wears several hats- he’s still doing his thing in the music game, he’s a devoted husband to his wife of 14 years; and a proud father to their two children.

Years ago he raised all kinds of ruckus- mostly good with a few bad mixed in- he boldly professed his love off Black women…and their body parts (we’ll get to that in a minute though). Now, he’s giving big uppin’ his Black queen and biracial daughters for how they’ve helped him.

Meet His Family & What He Said About Them In Interview

Jon B and his wife, Dannette [via Jon B’s Instagram]
In a  Vlad TV interview, Jon B was complimented on how he damn near hasn’t aged a day since the 90′. The laid back crooner refused to take the credit for that though and instead praised his wife, Danette, and their daughters, Azure and L’Wren,  for making him incredibly happy and helping him to remain stress-free:

“I think music has kept me young, and also having a beautiful family…someone to love, as my song says. Something beautiful to always reflect back to on a daily basis has kinds been a fountain of youth for me man.”

I don’t stress out too much, other than having to leave that security of home that I have.”


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In a prior interview, Jon B. had this to say about his fam’:

“Family is everything. I wouldn’t trade my wife and my little six year old baby girl for anything (this interview was conducted before his second daughter was born). They are my biggest priority. Before the concert, I took my daughter to Central Park and we just hung out. I brought her along with me on the road. She’s starting to play the piano like daddy and hopefully she can take over so I can retire (laughing). I’m just blessed to have my daughter and wife in my corner.” [SingersRoom]

What Jon B Previously Said About Which Type Of Black Women He Likes…
Jon B. did back in the day that had many folks talking. He professed his love for African American women and explained exactly why he was attracted to them and it was quite interesting:

“It’s not that I prefer Black girls, but that’s who I find myself relating to as a human being. I am also attracted to really ghetto girls, straight out the hood…a thickey, a real ‘pass the hot sauce’ type girl.” -Jon B [Vibe Magazine, 1998]

Ad there ya’ have it ILOSM fam’…Jon B doesn’t speak out much, but apparently when he does, he keeps it 100.