Jordan’s “Space Jam” ‘Daughter’ Is 30 Now…And Her Uncle’s A Legendary Actor Fans Love

Posted On : July 9, 2021

[L] Michael Jordan with his then-“Space Jam” co-star, Penny Bae; [R] Penny Bae

Remember this little cutie-patootie from the 1995 movie, Space Jam? She played the role of “Jasmine Jordan,” the fictitious daughter of Michael Jordan (who played himself) and actress, Theresa Randle’s, character in the film. You may also remember her from several other TV shows, like Half & Half, The Parent Hood and others; as well as from films, such as Nothing To Lose (starring Martin Lawrence) or The Color of Love (starring Louis Gossett Jr.) and more. Some of us probably even thought we were watching her in some roles that she actually didn’t play- those could have been one of her two actress sisters at work instead. Yep, the Super Jam actress comes from a super talented family and you won’t BELIEVE who her very famous old school actor uncle is…

She went from Space Jam cutie to Mommy with a little one of her own…


“Space Jam” actress, Penny Bae

Okay, first let’s get past the initial shock and questions we’re asking ourselves like ‘Am I really that doggone old?!! This baby was just a baby like…YESTERDAY!’
Whew! Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, meet Penny Bae. She’s 30-years- old now and has added a few new careers to her resume.’ She’s still an actress, but she also still has to pay the bills. So since she hasn’t done much acting in recent years, she has other skills that pays the bills- she’s as an artist, singer, and a hairstylist. Talk about multi-tasking!


Penny Bae with her fiance’

Penny is also engaged to her fiance, pictured above. In one online post she wrote, “I couldn’t ask for a better partner. The road has been by no means smooth sailing. But the way we continue to tackle problems, to be there to reflect and help the other heal, is more than I would have asked for. It’s a nice feeling when you finally have partnership. Because the truth is we all need someone that loves us enough to put in 70 when all we have that day is 30 ❤️🌼🌱 #myfamily #partnersincrime #angermanagement #perfectionism #therapy #healing #togetherness”


Actress, Penny Bae Bridges, with her uncle, actor Todd Bridges, and her associates

Told you Penny Bae Bridges comes from a talented fam.’ Not only is “Willis” from Different Strokes her uncle, but her Pops is an actor too. He’s been on Good Times, and a bunch more popular shows that we, old schoolers, love.


Actors, Todd Bridges with his brother, Jimmy Bridges

Actors, Todd Bridges with his brother, Jimmy Bridges
Introducing Penny Bae’s dad (and Todd Bridges brother), Jimmy Bridges (above, left). He’s had roles in many TV shows and movies throughout the years, including an appearance in the “rent party” episode of Good Times and as boxing promoter, Don King’s son, Carl King, in the 1995 film, Tyson.

Like we mentioned earlier, Penny Bae has two other actress sisters, who are Jimmy’s kids as well- Brooke Bridges starred as “Lilly Winters”, the young child of “Drucilla” (Victoria Rowell) on The Young & The Restless; and Rachel Bridges made various appearances in TV shows like My Wife & Kids in the early 2000’s.The family is incredibly talented and I’m sure they couldn’t be more proud of Penny Bae getting her grown woman on and handling her business.


Penny Bae Bridges’s most important job yet is as a mommy to her eleven year old son, Elijah Bridges, whom she prefers to keep out of the limelight – understandably so. So we’ll respect her wishes and do the same.

That’s all folks!!