Judge Forced To Delay Sentencing Hearing After Cosby Shows Up To Chaotic Courthouse

Posted On : September 24, 2018

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ILOSM family, today was the day Bill Cosby was officially supposed to receive his sentencing, in a Pennsylvania courthouse, for his conviction of three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault. However, a couple hurdles got thrown up into the mix while Cosby and his legal team were inside the courtroom. Now it’s been pushed back until Thursday of this week.

Cosby Arrives To Chaotic Courthouse Minus Camille

In case y’all hadn’t heard, Cosby and his attorneys arrived at the courthouse, to a plethora of fans and protesters alike. Surrounded by security, the media circus captured the ordeal live, as some females were heard yelling “We believe the women!” and “Me too!”

While a few others were heard shouting supporting words to the comedic legend. Cosby calmly smiled and walked toward the courtroom door, to stand before the judge and learn how much of his 30-year sentence was about to be handed down to him.

Why His Sentencing Got Delayed

Once the courtroom sentencing session began, news began to surface that the judge was pretty annoyed that he may have to delay Cosby’s sentencing. Apparently the two conflicting requests from the defense and prosecution’s sides:

Via TMZ- 12:35 PM PT — Cosby’s sentencing WILL be pushed back to Tuesday. Before the judge announced the delay, prosecutors requested Cosby get 5 to 10 years in prison — while the defense asked for house arrest. Prosecutors are strongly opposed to 81-year-old Cosby being placed under house arrest. They pointed out the fact Cosby’s wife threw a birthday party for him back in July, complete with a live 5-piece jazz band that started jamming at 7 AM … according to neighbors. Point being … where’s the punishment in that?

A defense witness is expected to testify on Tuesday ahead of the judge’s decision on his sentencing.

Just a few hours prior to the sentencing delay, it was also reported that there was a huge debate between the prosecutors and defense attorneys inside the courtroom, regarding the term, “violent sexual predator.” That is what Cosby is apparently being labeled in legal documents and on record. However, because his attorneys are fighting against that term, the judge had to delay the sentencing against his own wishes, reportedly.

Why? Because according to TMZ, ‘Cosby’s defense team attorneys are challenging that label and want a doctor to testify on his behalf.’ That would technically hold up sentencing, until AFTER the doctor gives his testimony for further consideration by the court.

So now, it’s still a waiting game as to whether or not Cosby will be under house arrest, in prison for five to 10 years, or for a longer span of time. We’ll keep y’all posted on this.