K. Michelle Discussed Why She Had To Get Away From Her Ex Boyfriend R. Kelly

Posted On : August 8, 2019

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Over the past few months, R. Kelly has been making headlines for less-than-favorable reasons. By now, fans everywhere know all about the ‘sex cult’ allegations some accusers have pinned against him. Kellz has gained an unsettling reputation for being an alleged manipulator, cult leader, womanizer, and abuser. While many fans have questioned the claims of R. Kelly’s accusers, there have also been quite a few to tell eerily similar stories about their interactions with R. Kelly. Now, K. Michelle is sharing details about her involvement with R. Kelly and why she had to get away.

Toxic Environment:

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For those who missed it, a while back K. Michelle appeared on The Real, where she was asked about R. Kelly. She had an interesting response and explained why she had to get away from the famed singer/songwriter. According to EurWEB, The Real co-host, Adrienne Houghton, mentioned K. Michelle’s song “Build A Man,” where she openly discussed her relationship with R. Kelly.

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