K.Michelle’s Ex MempHitz PROVES She Lied On Abuse,See WHAT K Did Next Tho

Posted On : August 9, 2016

Ever since K. Michelle was cast on “Love and Hip Hop” a few years ago, she’s made public claims that her ex, MempHitz, beat her when they were together. But for just as long, MempHitz has loudly denied her claims. Throughout the years, MempHitz’s wife, Toya Wright, has had arguments on social media with K. Michelle, to defend her hubby.  That never stopped K. though and just a few weeks ago, she posted a backstage clip of Toya and MempHitz having a disagreement to further attempt to back up her abuse claims (although Memph did NOT hit Toya in that clip). But this is what has now transpired in the past few days….


k michelle and memph MempHitz has taken to social media to blast K. Michelle for lying on him to the media, after he was able to prove, through a lie detector test he'd taken on national TV, that he never laid a hand on K. Then K. Michelle did something oddly outside of her character...

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