Kadeem Hardison’s Girlfriend Is A Lot Like His Actress-Ex (Nope Not Whitley)

Posted On : March 3, 2017

To us, Old Schoolers, actor, Kadeem Hardison, has always and will forever be ‘Dwayne Wayne’ from A Different World. His TV relationship with the beautiful ‘Whitley Gilbert’ (portrayed by Jasmine Guy), will also be one that we’ll never forget. They were quirky, hilarious, mismatched and gave us loving relationship goals to shoot for all at the same time. HOWEVER, little did we know at that time, that when the cameras weren’t rolling, Kadeem was actually in love with another Different World actress.

Kadeem’s Past Relationship With Cree Summers

For those who missed our previous report, Kadeem and actress, Cree Summer a.k.a. ‘Freddie’ the goofy ‘Spelman’ student, use to LOVE them some each other in REAL life. They dated for long while. In fact, Kadeem even mentioned the relationship during an interview with Essence, when he was asked whether or not the show made things awkward between him and Cree…

Actress Cree Summer and then boyfriend, actor Kadeem Hardison; June 7, 1990 (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Kadeem Hardison: “That wasn’t even my concern at the time. Dominic [Hoffman], Jasmine’s boyfriend at the time, did some spots on the show. It’s like you have your work wife and home wife [Cree Summers]. But your home wife also happens to work with you. As much as that could have been sticky, they were so in love with each other, it was never an issue. Good God, if you thought me and Darryl (‘Ron Johnson,’ his best friend) were close, he and Jasmine were inseparable. They brought out the silliness in each other.”


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It appeared Kadeem and Cree were nearly inseparable for more than a year, but unfortunately, their fairytale came to an end. However, the two did remain great friends and nah people, they are NOT ‘homie-over-friends’ like that R.Kelly song. Cree is happily married with two kids, but she has had nothing but great things to say about her ex-turned-her-homie, Kadeem, over the years.


After Cree, many Kadeem Hardison fans already know that he went on to marry “It’s Alright” singer/ex-“R&B Diva,” Chante Moore, from 1997 to 2000. They also have a child together, but after they went their separate ways, Kadeem seemed to reflect back to what he used to have in Cree…because now he’s ended up with another love of his life. And what’s interesting is the striking resemblance and interests she shares with his old Different World flame. Check her out below…

Kadeem Hardison’s woman, Tana (via Instagram)

Kadeem is now dating Tana Roller. For those who don’t know much about Tana, she’s a highly lauded production designer and photographer in Los Angeles, Ca.. But, her resemblance to Cree has nothing to do with her career. It’s her free-spirited, earthy, Bohemian style that’s quite similar to Cree’s, so Kadeem’s attraction to Tana is understandable…

.LOVE. @onustees , your message is on point. #spreadlove #liveinlove

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Kadeem Hardison’s girlfriend, Tana (via Instagram)

If you take one look at those photo comparisons between Kadeem’s ex and his next, it’s clear to see that he definitely has a type! Do your thang Kadeem!