Kandi Burruss Breaks Bank On Daughter’s Incredibly Expensive 16th Birthday Gift

Posted On : August 24, 2018

Remember when you turned 16 years old? It was the bomb. Back in the day we may have had a birthday cake with a few candles, a few gifts – and if we were really doin’ it big – we even had a party at the skating rink. If we had the space and moms wasn’t trippin’, we had a classic house party! Those were the good ol’ days weren’t they?

Just imagine if Xscape singer, Kandi Burruss, was your mom! We would’ve been ballin’ outta control! How do we know this? Because the way she’s just showered her adorable daughter for her sweet 16, is all the proof we need.

Riley You Get A Car…You Get A Car…!!!

It must be nice being Kandi’s child, because if you’re Riley Burruss, you get a brand new Porsche to drive yourself to and from school.

Riley celebrated her birthday on August 21st and just like any proud parent, Kandi gushed about her baby on social media. In a new Instagram post, Kandi was beaming with pride about the young lady she’s raised thus far and here’s what she had to say about her:


Fans joined in to show Riley some bday love, but once Riley took to social media to express gratitude for her fam,’ along with a pic of her new Porsche, fans REALLY turned up. Riley wrote:

Riley Burruss’ new Porsche

Fans React

Most fans were big up’ing Riley on her b-day and congratulating her on her new ride, but some expressed concern about her being so young with such a lavish vehicle. Not sure if the criticism was coming from a place of hate, or sincere concern, but nonetheless, here are a few of the comments Riley received:

prettyyv*****: “Ths is a beautiful gift but I think this car is too fast for a 16 year old, and it can be dangerous for an inexperienced driver. Safety first, that’s just my opinion.”

shawty_r*****: “Hmm a 16 year old with a Porsche she didn’t work hard to buy herself…. I just hope in 10, 20, 30 years there’s a level of humility and gratitude for life and hard work. Enjoy…”

iloveamerica4real@iloveamer********: “if I were to be that rich I’d teach my kids to give away the worth of their birthday to help out struggling single moms at least every other year. Because anyone could become a single mom, us women need to support each other through good deeds.”

Then there were others who showed love, much like this:

“My family not that great. Can I join yall’s? @nickiminaj @rileyburruss asking for a friend here😩🔥💕”

Haters, or no haters, Riley could care less because she’s out here being great, making many strides in her life, and Kandi couldn’t be more proud of her baby. In fact, it was just in June 2018, that Kandi showed off another milestone Riley has hit- her major weight loss. If y’all missed our prior report on that, check it out below…

Kandi Reveals Before & After Photos Of Riley

Previously, Kandi has shared Riley’s workout dedication online, but never actually showed her full progress until now. On Thursday (June 28, 2018), Kandi took to social media to praise her Riley for reaching a goal she’s fought hard to for since September 2017- a total of 52 pounds shed. Riley’s now gone from weighing 220 pounds to 168 pounds. Kandi shared before and after pics on Instagram, along with a lengthy message about Riley.

Kandi shares before and after photo of daughter, Riley Burruss (via Instagram)

First Kandi big up’ed her daughter for her hard work:

“I’m so proud of my baby @rileyburruss! Last year (around September I think) Riley decided to get serious about being fit. With the help of her trainer @iamthekingoffitness she’s lost 52lbs!!!! & she did it the right way by working out 5 days a week & watching her calorie intake. Shout out to her friends @olivervett & @jake.vett who worked out with her & helped her to stick to it. They also lost between 40-50lbs.”

Congrats Riley and happy birthday to you queen!