Kandi Buruss Reveals Why She Wore Tammy Rivera’s Backup Wedding Dress on Reunion

Posted On : April 8, 2019

Every year for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion the ladies bring on the glam. This year there was a backstory to long-time RHOA Kandi Burrss’ wearing her stunning gold gown. It was given to her from a fellow reality star and friend Tammy Rivera.

The RHOA reunion aired last night April 7th, and we saw Kandi looking lovely in a gold shimmering gown. In a BET exclusive, Kandi explains how the women are told ahead of time about the colors they should wear for the reunion:

“I know everybody was like, ‘Why is she wearing gold, again?’ Well, I wore gold again because they told me to wear gold. Basically, they normally tell you the color they want you to wear for the reunion. In the past, years ago, they used to try to tell us what to wear, [but] they stopped doing that. Now they’ll give you a color. This year, they gave me gold, and my team and I were like, ‘Why are we getting gold again? I’ve worn gold two years in a row.’ But now it’s my third year in a row wearing gold. No more gold after this. I won’t be wearing gold again.”


In selecting this particular dress Kandi recalls how it came about through Tammy:

“Our friend, Jodie, does both of our hair so I guess Jodie was telling her that I was supposed to wear gold again and so she hit me and was like, ‘Girl, I got the perfect dress for you.’”

Kandi also mentions that Tammy had the stunning dress as an option for her recent wedding-vow renewal ceremony but didn’t get a chance to wear it and said, “She had the gold dress but had never worn it. It’s really a two-piece but I had it sewn together because I was scared, I didn’t want no belly to roll over. She sent me a picture of herself [in it] and was like, ‘You should wear it,’ and I was like, ‘OK.’”

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