Kandi Has Hostile Online Feud With RHOA’s Kim Zolciak & Shuts Her All The Way Down With Receipts

Posted On : April 9, 2018

ILOSM family, ever had one of those days where you had to step outside of your character and check a co-worker for workin’ your last nerve with some slick comment or remark? Well, Sunday night (4/8/2018) was that day for Xscape singer/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss. After the reunion special aired, Kandi had just about all she could take from not only Porsha Williams, with her non-apologetic apology for falsely accusing Kandi of being a rapist who drugs women for sex; but also her other cast mate, Kim Zolciak.

If you’ve watched the show this season, you know that Kandi and Kim already had an issue when Kandi had to check Kim for cursing at her during their tense meet-up. But apparently, they still have issues with each other.

Their Latest Online Beef

Kandi took to Twitter and Instagram to talk about their tension that was displayed on RHOA. That’s when things went left and Kandi once again ended up checkin’ Kim (whom she now refers to as “Wig”)- this time over her success- with receipts…

Kandi first posted this message, in reference to the jabs Kim took at her during this season of RHOA…

kandi: If someone hasn’t been around you in years but they talk about bullsh*t that they saw on the last few seasons as if they know some first hand info that means they’ve been watching! So please keep watching & being a fan of the show with yo Red cup in hand! You haven’t been a peach holder in year but you definitely been watching. Cheers!

Then Kim came hit back at Kandi with…


kimzolciakbiermann: Haha! If I wanted a peach I could have one! Trust that Sweetie! Nobody’s a fan of your boring a$$ and your Failed 3 episode spin offs! Cheers to season 7.

After a fan hipped Kandi to Kim’s reply, Kandi quickly shot back at Kim to let her know that she was spreading “fake news” and therefore offered up receipts to shut down the nonsense…

kandi: Ok, So Wig apparently watches the show but doesn’t keep up with the ratings. I see that she’s posting fake news that I had 3 failed spin offs… Bish where? I’ve had the Highest rated spin offs with my specials. I googled it for you just in case you need proof.
#NoCap #AllFacts
Kandi’s Wedding debut 2.4 million viewers
Kandi’s Ski Trip debut 1.457 million viewers
Xscape Still Kickin It debut 1.7 million viewers
All higher than Tardy’s original debut of 1.3 million viewers… (& your recent seasons haven’t debuted that high) And for your info I only do multi-episode hour long specials because I’m too busy with filming at least 20 (or more) episodes a year of #RHOA & Holding a peach . What are you doing when you’re done with your much shorter season of 30 minute episodes of Tardy? Oh yeah, watching us! Thanks boo! No love lost! Keep being Tardy!


Kandi and Kim have had on-and-off tension  ever since Kim stuck Kandi for her paper years ago, after Kandi wrote Kim’s only semi-hit single, “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.” Gotta give it to the Xscape singer on that one by the way, she most definitely worked miracles with Zolciak-Biermann’s voice struggles, just sayin.’ Anyways, both ladies are never one to back down from confrontation, even though their personalities are totally different: Kandi Burruss is laid back, but once somebody tries her, homegirl will go for the jugular; Kim is feisty and oftentimes has no filter, which is seemingly why several of the RHOA ladies have a prob’ with her. I guess after all this drama, Kim Zolciak-Bierman may have landed herself a more permanent spot -behind Kandi’s of course- for RHOA’s next season. Only time will tell.

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