Katherine Jackson’s Late Night Appearance At LA Diner Reportedly Worries Family

Posted On : June 9, 2017

ILOSM fam,’ what happens when you’re the Mother of the biggest icon in the world? You guessed it…you get photographed every time you step out in public. As was the case for the 87 year old Jackson family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, on Wednesday (6-7-17) night.

Katherine Jackson (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

After Mama Katherine rolled up to the popular L.A. spot, Mel’s Diner, at approximately 11 p.m., she did not go unnoticed by a camera happy fan, who captured the moment. She was accompanied by two women- who looked very similar to Rebbie Jackson and Rebbie’s daughter, Yashi Brown (but there is no confirmation on whether or not those two women were them, so take this part with a grain of salt)- as well as one bodyguard.

Rebbie’s been spotted with her mother a lot lately. Katherine was reported to have been living with Rebbie for a while, after vacating her Calabasas, Ca. home due to friction with her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, last year (2016). She and Rebbie also recently took visit to London (where Janet lives) together and were photo’d there. Rebbie was also video recorded accompanying her mother at LAX airport recently, as they flew in for Katherine’s elder abuse case against Trent. So it isn’t unlikely for Rebbie to be by her mother’s side for this late night restaurant trip as well…

Why Family Allegedly Deeply Concerned After Seeing These Pics

Katherine Jackson outside L.A. restaurant on Wednesday night (6-7-17); (via TMZ)

Here’s is why a few unnamed members of the Jackson family are reportedly worried after seeing photos of Katherine at the L.A. restaurant the other night:

Katherine Jackson inside L.A. restaurant on Wednesday night (6-7-17); (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Some members of the Jackson family are very concerned because they said the matriarch would NEVER end up close to midnight on the Sunset Strip at a diner. They note Katherine loved her life when she was living at her Calabasas home with a chef hired by the Michael Jackson estate. They say she would have scoffed at diner food, and think she’s been pressured and fooled by certain members of Jackson’s family to bolt from the fold and help them squeeze money from the estate.

Katherine Jackson outside L.A. restaurant on Wednesday night (6-7-17); (via TMZ)


Katherine Jackson being helped into car by two women (one dressed similar to her) after leaving L.A. restaurant on Wednesday night (6-7-17); (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Our sources say Katherine is now living in a hotel near her Calabasas home, and they believe it’s all the doing of certain family members who want to keep Katherine isolated … especially from her grandchildren.

Woman (who looks similar to Rebbie’s daughter, Yashi, but her identity is not confirmed) accompanied Katherine inside L.A. restaurant on Wednesday night (6-7-17); (via TMZ)


Woman dressed in similar red and black outfit as Katherine’s, accompanied her to L.A. restaurant; 6-7-17 (via TMZ)

Katherine’s Moves Eerily Similar To MJ’s?

All of this consistent talk about Katherine Jackson’s stake in MJ’s estate, as well as her constant relocations and living incognito, away from her home and several others, is starting to sound eerily similar to her beloved son, Michael’s, final years.

Katherine Jackson and son, Michael Jackson

According to MJ’s mentor/close friend, activist Dick Gregory, MJ was so terrified at one point in his life, that he called Gregory for help after he’d stopped eating the food being served to him and lost a lot of weight as a result of fearing someone may try to poison him. Although MJ’s reported suspicions were never proven, Katherine Jackson’s latest moves over the past few months kinda make you wonder if she’s now experiencing those same fears- especially after seeing her son allegedly have serious suspicions for so long. Overall, she appears healthy and in the hands of caring people though…wishing Katherine and her family the best.