Katt Williams Arrested AGAIN! See WHY He’s Reportedly In Police Custody

Posted On : July 24, 2016

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Katt Williams has been having way too many run-ins with the law lately. We’ve just learned that yet again, police were called on Williams this morning (7-24-16) and he is reportedly still in police custody right now. This is Williams’ forth arrest in six months.

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Here is what TMZ reported:

Katt has been arrested for misdemeanor battery. He’s currently in custody with bail set at $20,000.

Williams is currently sitting with cops as they investigate allegations the comedian punched a woman … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us cops responded Sunday morning to the Sportsmen’s Lodge restaurant in Sherman Oaks after an employee alleged Katt had attacked her.

It’s unclear what started the fight … but we’re told cops noticed visible minor injuries on the woman … and she is requesting Katt be arrested for battery. We’re told Katt is currently being detained while cops investigate the situation. Story developing…

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This makes the second time in a row that Williams has been locked up for cuttin’ up at a restaurant. His last arrest was on April 27th when a restaurant’s manager claimed Williams socked him dead on the mouth with a salt shaker.

Katt Williams really does need help. Ever since 2008, when a former employee publicly stated that Williams was bipolar and schizophrenic, but that he oftentimes skips taken his medications, speculations grew throughout the years that those mental illnesses are what is causing Williams’ bizarre behavior.

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Even Katt Williams’ homie, Snoop Dogg, told TMZ Williams needed to get some help following a bizarre 2012 incident that got Katt into more legal trouble:

“Katt needs some help, man. He really better go get some help. Somebody needs to really sit him down and get him some help. I’m his friend. I can’t clown or laugh. I really wanna see him get some help before he goes too far. Whoever really got love for Katt that’s around him…you need to take him to go get him some help,” said Snoop. [TMZ]

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Although Katt Williams is one of the most talented comedians in the game right now, this is no laughing matter. We don’t know for sure what’s causing him to act out like this, but whatever it is, we hope he gets the help he needs soon.