Katt Williams’ Ex-Wife Asks Judge For Largest Monthly Support Ever..Here’s What She Got

Posted On : September 28, 2018

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Comedy legend, Katt Williams, has been making headlines at lightening speed these days and today is no different…EXCEPT for the fact that he’s done so for a different reason other than shading Tiffany Haddish and such. This go ’round the brotha has a new kinda trouble on his hands…sorta…and that is his ex-wife, or at least the woman claiming to be his ex in court.

What The Ex-Wife Is Claiming & The Colossal Sized Support Checks She Wants

A woman, by the name of Eboni Gray is refusing to pick up the pieces of her life and move on, like Mya sang in the 90’s. Instead, she’s following the words of the late great Gwen Guthrie – “Ain’t nothing going on but the rent.” How so? Because apparently, that’s exactly what she’s trying to get Katt to dish out his paper to her for.

Only difference between Eboni Gray and Gwen Guthrie is that Gwen required her man to have “a J-O-B, IF he wants to be with me;” but Katt does NOT want to be with Ms. Gray. In fact, according to reports, he’s not even claiming that he USED to know her.

Eboni Gray [via Indiegogo]

However, on her Indigigogo.com crowd funding page, Eboni Gray posted a screenshot from a video of she and Katt getting into an altercation with police in 2012. She also posted the reasons she was arrested while trying to protect him.

So clearly, there’s a bold lie in this entire ordeal somewhere. Nonetheless, for your enjoyment, get a quick chuckle outta how much money Ms. Gray is demanding from the husband who claims he never knew her. If granted, it would actually be largest spousal/partner support amount in history… Lawwwd:

Via The Blast– A woman who has claimed for years to be an ex of Katt Williams has now filed emergency documents asking for $2.5 million PER MONTH in spousal support. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Gray is now asking for support from Katt Williams, claiming she is facing extreme hardships. She says she needs money ASAP to pay for rent, moving expenses, legal fees, and a forensic accountant.

The woman’s name is Eboni Gray and Williams has claimed for years to have never had a relationship with her. Gray has previously sought an annulment from Williams even though there was never any record of them ever being married.

The Outcome

Eboni Gray showed up to court on Thursday (Sept. 27) morning, with hope in her heart and a monetary gleam in her eyes. Yet, she got bad news when the judge flat out denied her $2.5 MILLION monthly support request. Therefore, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for Katt’s reported ex-wife.