Katt Williams Gave Away 2 Cars Worth $400K+, See Which 1 Lil’ Mo Got!

Posted On : March 11, 2016
What??? Katt Williams Gave Away 2 Cars Worth $400K+, See Which 1 Lil Mo Got

So Katt Williams has been creating a spectacle, thus everyone is talking. Within the last week or so, Katt Williams has been arrested 4 times, he’s had his children temporarily taken away, he was kicked and beaten on stage at a rap concert in Philly, and now, he’s giving away very expensive vehicles. It’s a sort of strange story on the outside looking in, but here it goes.

On Tuesday, after the beat down that Katt Williams got in Philly, he showed up at rap artist Beanie Sigel’s door with a car worth over $375,000! Why? Well, Beanie Sigel had never met Katt Williams prior to Tuesday, but Beanie was aware that he would be delivering a car to him because,¬†Katt Williams has a huge level of respect for Beanie, and he wanted to show it to him by giving him a car. Yep…that’s the only reason Katt went into his bank account and gave away a Lamborghini Aventador which starts at $375,000!!!

The man has a level of love and respect for me that he feels most who claim they do especially from my city don’t show.. The car was a gift that was put in place days before him even coming to Philly for his show..

#happyBDAYbeanie @kattpackallday handed him the keys to a new LAMBO!! @beaniesigelsp

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Well things get a little “weirder”, because on the same day, Katt gave R&B singer, Lil Mo a luxury SUV, which was a Cadillac Escalade! Now this is now just an average Cadillac Escalade, it is loaded with premium package stuff. This Escalade is loaded with 2 TVs, Creston Audio System, massage chairs, Wi-Fi for wireless internet, cable TV, and cameras!!!! If this were a 2016 Escalade, that would bring the price of that vehicle closer to $90,000. The funny thing is that we don’t know if Katt already knew Lil Mo and this was just a generous gift, or if he’d just met her. Nonetheless, Lil Mo is ecstatic about it and posted several pictures on her Instagram.

Photo Credit: @thelilmoshow
Photo Credit: @thelilmoshow

Not to show off but #familyfirst cuz my kids tore my Benz truck up!! Pray I can see OVER the dash and don’t have to pull the seat all the way to the front 💯💯😍😍 #grateful

Photo Credit: @thelilmoshow
Photo Credit: @thelilmoshow

Lots of folks are assuming that Katt Williams is on drugs so heavy that he’s losing his mind. And others say, it’s a gift to those that he thought deserved it, and it really doesn’t matter what we think. Either way, we wish Katt Williams the best and I’m sure Lil Mo is lovin’ this super-dupa Cadi!