Video Surfaces Of Keke Wyatt Fully Pregnant w/9th Kid &Still Cuttin’ Up On Stage

Posted On : August 28, 2017
Keke Wyatt

If you know anything about singer, Keke Wyatt, then you know that (1) homegirl can SANG! and (2) Ol’ girl loooovvves poppin’ them babies out. *Scroll down for her very pregnant video*

As we previously reported, 35 year old Keke and her 30-something year old preacher husband, Michael Jamar, are expecting their 9th -yes, NINTH- baby. Technically speaking, Keke has actually given birth to 7 babies of her own (with an 8th on the way), but sadly, her fourth child (with her ex-husband) was born stillborn. She and Michael have been raising a total of eight kids together though (3 with Keke’s first husband; 4 plus one on the way with Michael; and one stepchild).

Keke broke the news that she was pregnant again in April 2017 and at the time she had a cute, slight baby bump. Now though, Mrs. Wyatt-Jamar is all hella pregnant! In fact, she’s looking like she’s about ready to welcome her newborn any day now. The most intriguing part of it all is that Keke is making sure her unborn baby gets a good taste of what it’s like to perform in front of thousands of people. Why? Because Keke hasn’t slowed down one bit and is showing the world that just because one is with child, does not mean she can’t still do hold her own on the job.

The other day, video surfaced of Keke looking all kinds of maternity-beautiful, as she sang at her concert, rockin’ a skin tight, all black bodysuit and stiletto heels. Impressive! Check out the video clip everyone’s been talking about…

As we revealed in our prior report,  Keke, as well as her mother and aunt shaved their heads to support one of Keke’s children, who is unfortunately battling cancer and going through chemo therapy treatments.

Keke and Michael with some of their nine children

So as you can see, Keke Wyatt has a LOT on her plate right now. She’s having to manage her heartbreaking pain she has for her child’s cancer struggle, while also having to control the amount of stress of that painful situation to keep her unborn child healthy and safe during her pregnancy. We tip our hat to Keke Wyatt at this time and send prayers up/uplifting energy to her cancer-stricken child.

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