Keke Wyatt’s Estranged Hubby Dating Granddaughter Of 90s Gospel Singer..Fans Heated

Posted On : August 7, 2018

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It was 9 months ago (November 2017) that singer, Keke Wyatt, posted, then denied that she’d moved on with a new boo-thang after sharing a boo’d-up photo of online. It was just 11 months ago (Sept. 2017) that Keke damn near had an emotional breakdown on Instagram, when she blasted her husband, Michael Jamar Ford, for filing for divorce while she was 8 months pregnant. It was 10 months ago that Keke and Michael welcomed their son, Kendall, into this world. Now, here we are – Michael Jamar’s new woman has revealed herself. Read on…

Meet The New Girlfriend Of Keke Wyatt’s Husband & Her Famous Grandmother

Paris Bennett (Instagram)

On Monday, August 6, 2018, life turned into a whirlwind of handclaps, backlash, and shock for Michael and his new bae/singer, Paris Bennett. By the way, if Paris looks familiar, it’s because she became popular during the fifth season of “American Idol,” when she made it to the 5th finalist on the show.

She’s also the granddaughter of gospel singer, Ann Nesby- lead singer of the 90’s gospel group, Sounds of Blackness. Remember them? They had gospel and non-gospel fans rockin’ to “Optimistic (Keep Your Head To The Sky).”

Now that we’re caught up on who Paris and her grandma are, let’s get into the controversial post that has Keke Wyatt’s fans draggin’ Paris to Timbuktu and back.

In a bold move to announce their love to the world for #ManCrushMonday, Paris shared a photo of Michael to Instagram and captioned it with, “An Everyday Crush but you can call him MONDAY….💋#MyMCM #MCE #MichaelJamar #Live #Love #Laugh #AllSmiles #UnexpextedBlessing #IfOnlyYouKnew #GrassIsGreener✨#Happy.”

It took a mere matter of minutes before fans sniffed out what she was really trying to tell them and her captions solidified, as well as pissed off some of Keke’s fans even more-so. In particular, it was Paris’ #IfOnlyYouKnew caption that struck a nerve for #TeamKeke. Not only were Keke’s fans hella shocked that Paris so boldly admitted to dating a married man, they couldn’t believe she’d referenced Keke’s popular remake of Patti LaBelle’s “If Only You Knew” song in her hashtags, when referencing her relationship with Keke’s husband.

Matching Tattoos & Baby Clues?

After Paris broke the news about she and Michael, y’all already know we had to do a lil’ bit more diggin’ into the situation for facts. Lo and behold, we didn’t have to do much ‘digging’ at all. For the past few weeks, Paris and Michael have been putting their love on front street, unbeknownst to many.

In July 2018, they showed off their matching tattoos of three stars and captioned it with the hashtag #3times the charm, leadng many to question if she’s pregnant.

In June 2018, Paris shared a kissing gif of herself with an incognito Michael on Instagram:

Girlfriend Responds To Backlash

Here’s what Paris posted the next day, after the backlash she’d received over Michael Jamar:

Paris Bennett’s Instagram message to fans

Are Fans Going Too Hard On Michael?

Typically, asking if fans are going too hard on a married celebrity for having a lover who is not their spouse, would seem like an outrageous question. In the case of Keke and Michael, it may not be…they saw it coming long ago, apparently. Many have watched in shock for years, as Michael displayed incredibly high tolerance and patience for Keke’s sporadic hissy-fits and temper tantrums throughout their reality TV stints, including on “Marriage Bootcamp.” Keke also admitted she’s a handful to deal with and apparently, Michael eventually grew tired of the drama and let Keke know:

Via TheJasmineBrand- “For over seven years I have been Keke’s husband, backbone, friend, confidant, and support system. I have loved, raised, supported, and cared for every child in our family (biological or not), including our son who is currently battling leukemia. I will continue to be that person and do all of these things, but I will not be her husband.

I can no longer allow our children to live in a toxic environment and, because I love Keke, I can no longer accept toxic behavior. A home should be a refuge of peace from the inequity and harshness of the world. Keke is much stronger than she gives herself credit for and she is a great mother. There is a healing that needs to take place and I have faith that it will happen. There is never a good time for a family to deal with harsh realities, but as long as we keep God first we have to know that our battle has already been won. Now, as our family deals with these realities I humbly ask that you please keep us lifted in prayer, and when you comment please keep our children in mind.”

Keke later stated that Michael is a wonderful father to all nine of their kids.