Kelis Ordered To Pay Nanny After Doing Her Dirty, Weeks After Ex Nas Exposed Her Too

Posted On : September 28, 2018

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Kelis’ “milkshake” may have ‘brought all the boys to the yard’ in 2003, but in 2018, her reported actions are bringin’ all the drama to her front door. First, her ex-husband/rapper, Nas, put her on blast, now, her nanny is going at her hard over what she’s apparently done to her.

Why Kelis’ Nanny Just Sued Her

Kelis former nanny, Soraya Tascon, claims –in her legal complaint filed with the Labor Commission of the State of California- that Kelis refused to pay her money she owed for babysitting her kids. That ain’t all though. According to the nanny, she’s also seeking a reimbursement of the money she paid out of pocket to buy a plane ticket back home, after Kelis got ghost on her, leaving her stranded in London. Dayumn!

All in all, Soraya Tascon is seeking $17,000.00+ from Kelis for her unpaid wages and her troubles. See the details that now has Kelis in a pickle and why she lost this legal battle…

Details of nanny’s claims:
The nanny stated in court docs that Kelis hired her in June 2016 to monitor her then 6-month old baby (with her current husband) and her then 7 year old son she shares with Nas.

The agreement was that Soraya would travel with Kelis on tour and also work for her at her home. The pay was $750 per week and entailed basic nanny duties- ‘babysitting, feeding the kids, preparing bottles, organizing closets, packing suitcases, helping shower the kids, and washing clothes.’

According to Soraya, Kelis never paid her for her services, even though she says she asked her to do so repeatedly. She also claims everything fell apart in July 2016, when she traveled to London with Kelis. The nanny says that’s where Kelis fired her on the spot and left her there. As a result, the nanny says she had to pay for a plane ticket from London to her mother’s home in Madrid and then to Los Angeles, CA. She says Kelis owes her pay for over 100 hours of work, plus overtime, as well as the $1,200 travel expense she acquired.

The Labor Commissioner agreed with Soraya Tascon, despite Kelis’ claims that she fired her for not answering her phone calls. Soraya has now been awarded a total of $17,623.73.

When It Rains It Pours: Nas’ Recent Claims Against Kelis

As many of us know, sometimes, when it rains, it pours. With that said, check out the extensive 7-part open letter that Nas wrote to Kelis on Sept. 6, 2018, over what he says she’s been doing to their son, his daughter (from a prior relationship), and to him:

Nas: “PART 1
The Price i Pay To See My Son. And apologies in advance for the typos as I am speaking from the heart as a man who has had enough.
Today i got a call from essence about my ex wife doing another sad fictitious story. Nothing surprises me anymore, including this.
This is what your life has come to sis?
Exploiting some people’s Real struggle and pain…just to get at me….to get attention ? Fame? Another fight against men? We are a human family and we should be better examples for our son. Why is there even a issue for me to have time with my son. A son needs his father. So many absentee fathers out here and here i am being attacked by your accusations simply because i got us in court to help fix this the custody matter?
Why did i have to take you to court to see our son? Why when i win the joint custody ( which is a win for both of us and our son, it helps us with both our schedules) why do you feel thats an attack on you? Is it control ? Why do you need to have control over my life? because we’re not together? Then why? Is this being rewarded and praised by people who are being taken advantage of by you and your lies?
To all separated couples out there who are cordial and co parent nicely GOOD FOR YOU. I wish that was me. I’m the most chill cool parent there is. Who has time to argue ? About what? It’s about our little guy. You haven’t had to deal with what I’ve been dealing with. Trust me.
I’m a mild mannered god fearing very fair human being who tries his hardest to please everyone. It’s my nature.
I’ve seen this too many times before
And there was times i thought Kelis my ex wife was not this type. This is the type of antics that deceive people and people mistakenly call it strong. Seems I always had more belief in you than you do for yourself. I instilled strength in my daughter who you were already so jealous of and treated poorly. Being jealous & verbally abusive to a Little girl.”

Nas had a LOT more to say about Kelis, read the other parts here>>> Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.