Kelly Price Will Sing At ChrisBrown/SouljaBoy Fight,BUT See How HER FANS REACT

Posted On : January 12, 2017

In case some of us Old Schoolers haven’t heard about the beef and upcoming boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, a major Pay-Per-view fight is in the works for them to go at it in the ring either in Dubai, Las Vegas, or L.A.. After seeing Chris’ and Soulja’s recent online feud, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather stepped in to block the tension from escalating to a street level, by putting their money behind a pro fight instead. Floyd will train Soulja and 50 Cent got Mike Tyson to train Chris. Anywho, now Kelly Price has also stepped in and her fans are letting her know exactly how they feel about it…


After Soulja Boy went online and tried to talk trash about Mike Tyson, saying that all he was going to do was train Chris 'how to bite someone's ear off,' Tyson posted this video response (above), taking shots at Soulja and also something Floyd has been criticized of doing in the ring- running, instead of boxing:
“So it’s confirmed. I just got off the phone with Frenchy and Chris Brown. I’m training Chris, he chose me as his trainer to take on Soulja Boy. And Soulja Boy, what the fu*k you talkin’ bout, ‘Only thing I’mma teach him is how to bite somebody’s ear off?’ Yeah that’s right, I’mma teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out, ‘cause I’m not gonna teach him how to run.”

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