Kelly Price’s Actor Son Cries Tears Of Joy Over What His Daughters Did For Him

Posted On : August 2, 2018

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R&B songstress, Kelly Price, is beaming with pride for several reasons. Some of the main reasons being her two children and her grandbabies- 3 of which are for her 25 year old son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr.. Kelly’s incredibly proud of what her son is doing with his life and also what her grandbabies did for him recently. In fact, it was the latter that brought Jefferey Jr. to tears.

Meet Kelly Price’s Son

A while back, we introduced y’all to Jeffrey Jr., Kelly’s son with her ex-husband of 23 years, Jeffrey Rolle Sr.. At that time, we showcased all of the hard work the brotha has clearly been putting in professionally and personally.

First, is his personal accomplishment with his health journey. He took the initiative to start working out and eating a healthier diet a few years ago and as a result, his physical transformation is evident, as you can see in the comparison photos below…

2 Years ago…

In 2015, Jeffrey Jr. made his acting debut when he snagged a role in the film, Double Play. Prior to his film debut, Jeff has been involved in theatrical works with years of experience in community-based plays, school plays, and original stage plays. Today, he’s still gettin’ his acting on and currently starring in the theatrical play, “Costa Mesa Playhouse.” Kelly’s oftentimes takes to social media to express how proud she is of her son for pursuing his acting goals. That’s not all she’s proud of though…

Kelly’s Grandbabies Make Her Son Cry Tears Of Joy

Jeffrey Jr. has three little girls- Lelah, Sydnee, and Charlie- with his wife, Courtney Rolle. Kelly Price is hella proud of the man he’s become and his dedication toward his children and his wife.

This past Father’s Day, in June 2018, Jeffrey Jr. got a touching surprise from his two eldest girls, during a video tribute via SoulPancake. His lil’ princesses, spoke their own words of praise for their daddy and it clearly caught him off guard and it brought him to tears. FYI: His youngest daughter, Charlie, was just born in 2017, so she didn’t have any speaking parts in this one, like her big sisters. Check out the video clip below:

Kelly also re-shared the video clip on her Instagram page and had a proud mommy/grandmommy moment, captioning her post with:

“Happy Early Fathers Day to my son @jeffrollejr who is featured in this @adcouncil and @soulpancake campaign shining a light on AWESOME DADS! Like me he became a parent early in life but he figured it out, he loves his children with every fiber of his being and he gives his all to ensure that they know they are loved and that they are happy, healthy and safe! I love this kid!! (Man… but he’ll always be my kid ❤️) #SydneeLalahAndCharli #GiGisLoves”

Meet His Wife

Kellt Price’s son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr., and his wife, Courtney

In case you missed our prior report, Jeffrey and Courtney welcomed their third baby girl, Charlie Grace Rolle, into the world on August 31st, 2017.

The thing that’s respectable about Kelly’s son, is that he manned up to his responsibilities as a father and a husband and is still going strong. You see, Jeffrey Jr. became a father at the young age of 19. Now, let me first say that I was never really big on congratulating a parent for doing what he/she is supposed to do as a parent. However, we all know that far too often, we hear about young fathers ultimately not being mature enough to take care of their child and saying ‘peace out’ to their seeds and the mother. So for that reason, I think Jeffrey Jr. still deserves his props.