Kelly Price’s Son & His Wife Welcome Kelly’s 3rd Grandbaby And They’re All Adorable

Posted On : October 15, 2017

Kelly Price is a beautiful, talented grandmother for a third time, thanks to her son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr.. Price’s 25 year old son is her and her ex-husband, Jeffrey Sr.’s first born child. They also have a 23 year old daughter, Jonia Rolle.

Kelly Price and son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr.

Jeffrey Jr. and his lovely wife, Courtney, welcomed their baby girl, Charlie Grace Rolle, to the world on August 31st. Yeah, we’re a lil’ tardy for the party with this one, but let’s stay focused on the topic at hand family. Now back to this incredibly high dosage of cuteness they’re new little princess is serving up.

Meet Kelly Price’s New Grandbaby

Kellt Price’s son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr., and his wife, Courtney

Charlie Grace’s birth was announced by her proud pops on Instagram. He posted a photo of himself holding his baby girl, with a caption that professed his love. He also shouted out his wife for what she’d just endured during the delivery process.

jeffrollejr: She got me. I cried more than she did when she came ‍♂️ I think it’s safe to say we are all in love. @courtneyannr YOU are amazing my love. You did that. Welcome to the world, Charlie Grace Rolle.

Check out their baby girl below (SWIPE to see all of the pics)…

Meet Kelly Price’s Other Grandbabies

Charlie Grace isn’t the only little cutie at Jeffrey Jr. and Courtney’s crib, they have two more adorable mini-me’s, who both love the camera. The lovebirds’ eldest daughter’s name is Sydnee and their second born is Lalah Rolle and they are both cute as a button…


The thing that’s respectable about Kelly’s son, is that he manned up to his responsibilities as a father and a husband and is still going strong. You see, Jeffrey Jr. became a father at the young age of 19. Now, let me first say that I was never really big on congratulating a parent for doing what he/she is supposed to do as a parent. However, we all know that far too often, we hear about young fathers ultimately not being mature enough to take care of their child and saying ‘peace out’ to their seeds and the mother. So for that reason, I think Jeffrey Jr. still deserves his props.

Talent- He ‘Git It’ From His Momma

This article couldn’t come to an end without discussing the amount of talent Kelly’s son possesses. If you thought Ms. Price was the only one in her family who could SANG, think again. According to BCKOnline, Kelly revealed, in a prior interview with Heed, that Jeffrey is a SANGIN’ somebody just like her. By the way, so is her beautiful daughter, Jonia.

Although Jeffrey has a great tenor/baritone voice, he chose to become an actor instead. He’s starred in many roles in commercials, theater, and film, including the 2017 movie, Antone. I’m sure Kelly couldn’t be more proud of both of her kids and grandbabies. Congrats to Jeffrey Jr. and his wife, Courtney!