Kendu Isaacs Reportedly Resurfaces w/New Claims & New Legal Demands Against Mary J.

Posted On : October 23, 2017

Mary J. Blige’s soon-to-be-ex husband Kendu Isaacs (we know we’ve been saying that for months now, but their divorce is STILL pending), has been off the scene for a while now. Matter of fact, the last time the public heard anything from him, was in June (2017), when he threatened to reveal “the truth” about Mary, if she didn’t stop doggin’ him in her performances:


Of course, Kendu’s threats got the cold shoulder from Mary, because she kept bashing him for allegedly cheating on her and for demanding a whopping $130K a month in spousal support. At the 2017 Essence Fest in July, Mary J. vented about Kendu to the crowd during her performance, soon after she had been court ordered to shell out $30K to Kendu in temporary spousal support:

Mary J.: “How is it that somebody gets to cheat and destroy everybody’s life but I’ve got to pay for it? That ain’t fair!” […] For me ladies, I’m a little crazy, maybe a lot, but I’m more selfish with my relationships. And what I will not appreciate is my man coming home comparing me to Suzy on the job. […] Don’t ever compare me to nobody because there’s only one Mary J. Blige out there.”

Here’s The Latest Legal Action Kendu’s Reportedly Taking Against Mary

Now, months later, Kendu has reportedly resurfaced and filed new legal docs against Mary, to get more money from her. Here’s what was reported via The Blast:

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Isaacs says he has been unemployed since the divorce case was filed, and claims Blige is trashing him in the press, hindering his ability to get a job. He points out the singer has released two songs, “Love Yourself” and “Set Me Free” which he says are now known as her “divorce songs.” He says Blige has seen a surge in success as a result of the breakup.

Meanwhile, Isaacs says since leaving the $8 million he shared with Blige, he’s shacking up in a 1,400 sq. ft. apartment in Los Angeles. He says he needs more money from Blige just to survive. He’s apparently done the math too … he’s asking for $65,000 per month, which he says should be a drop in the bucket for Blige, who he claims has $275,476 per month available for support payments.

Before Mary pays Kendu, she has a new $1.7 million IRS bill that she and Isaacs accumulated together. Right now, it looks like that recent tax lien the IRS reportedly hit the former couple with, will be falling on Mary’s shoulders…if Kendu can’t earn the income he needs to foot his portion of the bill. Thoughts ILOSM fam?’


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