Kenny Lattimore Blames Ex Chante Moore For Hurting Their Child Like THIS

Posted On : January 11, 2016

fb kenny and chante Remember when singers, Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore, were in wedded bliss? We thought they were gonna last as long as Ashford and Simpson did- forever- and were hoping that they would, but unfortunately things didn’t work out and now Kenny is speaking out about it.

Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore singing together during happier times when they were married
Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore singing together during happier times when they were married

Typically Kenny’s a laid back dude who doesn’t speak publicly about his private life, even though Chante spoke about their life on the reality show, R&B Divas. I guess Kenny got tired of being quiet on the topic of Chante, their divorce, and their teenage son, because he had no problem opening up about it in recent months when he spoke to the Tom Joyner Morning Show.
kenny2When asked what he thought about Chante starring on R&B Divas, Kenny blamed Chante for hurting their son by starring on that show and here is what else he said about it (SEE HIS VIDEO INTERVIEW ON PAGE 2):

“I really thought that whole thing was a mistake. It was reckless and it was irresponsible to me and it heart a lot of people. It hurt my son and I just…I’m not a big fan of that at all.”

Kenny Lattimore with he and Chante Moore's son
Kenny Lattimore with he and Chante Moore’s son

Is that why you all broke up?
“No, that reality show came like two, three years ago. I think that you know, people get into relationships and feel like they have the things that they need and maybe they really don’t and maybe they haven’t dealt with their own issues and who they are.”

Do you feel like you lost yourself in that relationship?
“Sometimes, and…

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