Kerry Washington’s Ex-Fiancé Was An ’80s Movie Star Who’s Very Different From Her Husband

Posted On : April 28, 2021
Kerry Washington

Before her marriage to former 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (39), Kerry Washington (44) was once engaged to her longtime boyfriend, who was also a child actor who was a main character in a very popular ’80s movie.

While Washington is mostly known for her role as ‘Olivia Pope,’ on the former hit ABC series, Scandal, her former fiancé was doing his thing on screen long before we could say “It’s handled” (only the true Scandal fans get that line). Scroll down to check out who her actor ex-fiancé is…

Meet Kerry’s Former Fiancé

Kerry Washington with her then-fiancé, actor David Moscow

Meet actor, Davis Moscow (46). Kerry Washington dated Moscow for four years and like we mentioned earlier, they were so ‘crazy in love,’ that they were planning to get married. You may not recognize actor, David as an adult, but many of us Old Schoolers would probably recognize his kid photo…

He Was Tom Hanks’ Co-Star In “Big” Movie

[L] Tom Hanks and [R] David Moscow Kerry Washington’s ex-fiancé) both starred in the ’80s film, “Big”.
Remember the 1988 hit movie, Big, starring Tom Hanks? In case the movie doesn’t ring a bell, David Moscow played the character of young ‘Josh Baskin,’ who encounters a mysterious fortune-telling machine where he makes a wish. ‘Baskin’ wishes to be “big” and his wish is granted when he becomes an adult overnight. The adult version of ‘Josh Baskin’ is played by actor, Tom Hanks. What’s interesting is that David Moscow actually grew up to somewhat resemble Hanks in real life. Both actors have the same crooked smile and squinted eyes…

Kerry Washington’s ex, David Moscow, and Tom Hanks slightly resemble now

Why They Broke Up

While Moscow is mostly known for his role in the movie “Big”, he is also known for dating Kerry Washington. Kerry and David met in high school and started dating in 2002. They got engaged in October of 2004 and split up in February of 2007. According to Kerry, the decision to break up was mutual. In speaking with Essence magazine, she shared that their break up wasn’t focused on who made mistakes but that it simply wasn’t working. Despite the fact that their break up was mutual, it was still very painful:

“When we were planning the wedding, I didn’t even feel like picking out a dress,” Kerry shared with Essence. “But I didn’t rush things; I let my intuition guide me. We realized that even though we love each other on a very profound level, we were doing emotional gymnastics to try to work things out. We thought that instead, maybe we should walk away. Of course, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been painful.”

Moving On:

Kerry Washington with husband, retired NFL player-turned actor, Nnamdi Asomugha

When Kerry was dating David, their relationship was very public and they were often photographed with big smiles on their faces. This time around, Kerry did something different and kept her new relationship very quiet. After dating former 49ers cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha, for three years, the couple wed in June of 2013. Once saddened about her breakup from Moscow, Kerry recovered and went from feeling heartbroken, to happily wedded bliss. Kerry and Nnamdi have two young children: daughter, Isabelle Amarachi; and son, Caleb Kelechi.

Kerry Washington’s ex-fiancé, actor David Moscow, with his wife, Karen Riotoc

Like Kerry Washington, David Moscow has also moved on too.  He married his fiancée, Karen Riotoc, in September 2014. Taking a chapter out of Kerry’s book, he reportedly didn’t let anyone know that he was dating or getting married. His wedding took everyone by surprise. Riotoc is not a celebrity but a everyday person. According to Hitberry, she works for Radium One, an online advertising company. Avoiding the red carpet, the couple chooses to live their life in private.