Kevin Hart Checks The Hell Outta Katt Williams In Interview With Tiffany Haddish

Posted On : September 21, 2018
Kevin Hart

For several years now, comedian, Katt Williams, has taken jabs at Kevin Hart for various reasons. In particular, for his comedic abilities, or according to Katt, his lack thereof. For the most part, Kevin has sat back, without responding to Katt’s claims, but early Friday, the brotha must’ve woken up on a different side of the bed or something. Why? Because this time, he held NOTHING back, with the way he checked the hell outta Katt!

It was interesting, especially since Tiffany Haddish- the very person Katt recently dissed, then bowed down to…literally– was sitting there right next to Kev,’ when he was slammin’ Katt something SERIOUS!

Kev’ Goes OFF on Katt!

It all went down during an interview with The Breakfast Club morning radio show. Katt and Tiff’ were there to promote their upcoming movie, Night School and while there, the topic of Katt Williams and his recent shade toward both of them arose. That’s when Kevin Hart unleashed on his fellow comic.

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Hart feels that Katt is just a hater now, because his reign is over:

“My frustration for Katt Williams is this- You keep pointing your finger at Hollywood, the White man, this, this, and this. When do you take responsibility for your actions? You had the shot! You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work! You f**ked off promo shoots! You f**ked up the …promo trips they had set up for you. You became a risk to the studios, which is why the studios stopped f**kin’ with you.”

When asked why he thinks that Katt has turned off studio houses and didn’t capitalize on many opportunities, Kevin went straight to the gut with:

“He chose drugs.”

He continued:

“Take responsibility for what you chose and say, ‘You know what? I’mma fix me and then I’mma come back and stand up for comedy.”

Kevin wasn’t done with Katt just yet. He then talked about Katt’s recent bashing of his homegirl and co-star, Tiffany Haddish:

“So when you say, ‘Tiffany Haddish is not a star and doesn’t deserve…or isn’t a comedian, and these other women have worked hard,’ which they HAVE!”

However, Hart also pointed out that Tiffany has also worked just as hard.

In addition to all of that- because he said a mouthful- Kevin also thinks that Katt is selfish, by sitting back criticizing others who came after him in the game, but never reaching back to help them:

“Katt Williams, have you ever used your platform to f**king bring the people that were under you up? You haven’t! So, because you haven’t, don’t sh*t on those that now are!!”

I’ve used my platform and I’ve brought my guys -and girls- UP!”

He ended it with one more shot:
“The brand of Kevin Hart is a brand that’s spread so fu*in’ FAR, whether you like me or not! My presence in comedy will forever be felt, because I’m a fu**in’ BOSS. I sit on the top of it and the opportunities that I’m giving others, are the ones that I’m creating. So take responsibility for you did. YOU fu**ed you! Nobody else did!”

OUCH! That’s gon’ hurt for Katt in the morning. Kevin cut so deep with those sharp daggers of reality, that the pain is evident and unavoidable for Katt Williams. Pretty sure he’ll respond at some point though. Y’all know Katt ain’t oen to run from a fight. Well, except if it’s the angry husband of an Atlanta radio host and he’s chasing after Katt with a gun. Okay, in that case, Katt knew best.

By the way, Kevin had a LOT more to say about EVERYTHING, check out his full interview up top, you won’t regrest it.