Kevin Hart Is Facing A New Lawsuit From Incident In January

Posted On : June 10, 2019

Although Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians working in Hollywood his personal life is not funny at all. Earlier this year he found himself on an apology tour after unflattering tweets resurfaced that cost him his hosting gig for this year’s Academy Awards. Since that time he’s still been working and eventually the controversy surrounding the issue died down. Now Kevin is about to enter into another fight for his life, but this time it actually involves something that could cost him millions of dollars.

Booked And Busy


Kevin is well respected in the game and his concerts and shows bring out thousands of folks who can’t get enough of his infectious laugh and quick wit (warning; strong language)

Naturally, whenever he does a performance security must be tighter than weave glue so he’s always surrounded by a team of professionals whose sole job is to keep him safe. Unfortunately for Manhattan resident Carmen Marrero she found out the hard way. The incident took place in January while Kevin was promoting his film The Upside. As he was leaving an event Marerro claims that she just so happened to cross paths with Kevin and his security team. In an attempt to clear a path for his Kevin’s team began pushing people out of the way. Marrero was knocked to the ground and when she got back up she noticed that something was terribly wrong.

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