L.A. Reid & Pebbles Son Doesn’t Need Their Help, He’s Getting His Own $!

Posted On : December 14, 2015

pebbles and la reid There’s nothing a parent loves more than seeing their child grow and evolve into their own. That’s just what singer, Pebbles, and music honcho, L.A. Reid’s son, Aaron Reid, appears to be doing in his career.

Aaron is 25 years old now and some of you may recall seeing him on VH1’s Sweet Sixteen show in 2005, where his parents lavished him with gifts and threw an expensive birthday party, where some of the most popular rappers at that time performed- Kanye West, Swizz Beats, and Jermaine Dupri. Jay-Z and Puffy also attended.

la and son3Well fast forward to today and Aaron is determined to build his own name without leaning on his parents’ legacy and he’s now flourishing in his career, or shall we say- careers. He has a few, he’s been an A&R at Epic Records (the label his Pops runs) ever since 2013. In case you don’t know, an A&R gig is one of the most revolving door gigs in the music industry. A&R’s get fired all the time because as soon as they don’t find the next hot artists that the label can successfully make money from, they look for the next A&R who they feel has the eyes and ears to spot the talent. So Aaron’s 2 year span as an A&R is pretty impressive, because regardless of if his dad runs the company or not, his dad does not own the label, so Aaron still has to prove that he deserves to be there by bringing the right artists to the table.

puffyBad Boy Records owner, Puffy, is Aaron’s godfather and Aaron even gave Puff a run for his money once when he stepped up his A&R game to successfully win over an artist who both he and Puffy were trying to grab.

Aaron Reid and his mentor, producer, Timbaland
Aaron Reid and his mentor, producer, Timbaland

An A&R’s pay ranges from about 27K a year, to as high as about $175K per year. Their salaries depend on many factors. Aaron’s A&R salary combined with the fact that he’s a professional singer, songwriter, and producer, means that he is standing on his own and doesn’t need Mommy and Daddy to cut him a check every month. Isn’t that every parents dream eventually?

Aaron Reid and Chris Brown
Aaron Reid and Chris Brown
Aaron reid with his mother, Pebbles and his sister, Ashley
Aaron Reid with his mother, Pebbles and his sister, Ashley

A few years ago he had a budding single titled “Crazy Luv,” but he seems to have put that on that project on the back burner for now. Check out his 2011 video below, which his sister, Ashley (Pebbles’ daughter), co-directed with him…

Aaron said this about stepping outside of his parents’ shadow and he says that he takes his dad’s advice to heart everyday:

“Every day I think about what he told me as a kid, ‘You gotta do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do,’” he says. “I take that every day, think about it and apply it.”

la pebbles and aaron

It looks like Aaron is doing a great job so far at applying that wisdom his dad has passed onto him. Look forward to seeing more from this young fella in the future.