L.L. & Tyrese Give Similar Message About Protests, But Get 2 Very Different Fan Reactions

Posted On : September 24, 2017

Everyone’s been weighing in on the current status of the NFL and it’s players’ national anthem protests, which have gotten all the way turned up after Trump called them ‘sons of bi*ches’ recently.

L.L. Cool J.

Not only have fans -of many races- been defending the NFL players’ peaceful protests against injustices against Black people, but celebs have as well. Now, L.L. Cool J. and Tyrese have both hit up their social media pages to give suggestions on what the next steps should be to avoid further division that is being created under the new presidency.


The interesting thing is that they both gave similar messages- to pray- but each of them got two very different feedbacks from their fans.

L.L.’s message

First L.L. Cool J. posted his message via Twitter on Saturday night:

Fans reacted to L.L.’s message with gratitude and were mostly in agreement with his suggestion to take a knee to protest and while down there, pray for unity:


Tyrese’s Message

Then Tyrese posted his message on Sunday via Instagram:

Tyrese, on the other hand, received mixed feedback from fans- many were with him and many others were pissed:



We, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, have also received mixed reactions in response to our articles on the NFL protests, Colin Kaepernick, and Trump’s racially/socially divisive messages. Although most of those, within our ILOSM fam,’ are with us, some others believe that we are wrong for simply stating that the players have a 1st amendment right to peacefully kneel during the anthem.

NFL legend, Ray Lewis, finally kneeling with Baltimore Ravens at Sunday’s (9-24-17) NFL game in London

As several players have already stated, they are not protesting the military, nor veterans. They’re protesting the countless murders of Black people at the hands of some (not all) police officers, as well as the many other injustices against people of color that continue to go unpunished by the legal system. ILOSM will continue to stand by the basic right to free speech that we all have in America…pretty sure, L.L. Cool J. and Tyrese feel the same way about their own stances as well. Thoughts ILOSM family?