LA Reid Exposed Why Ex-Wife Pebbles Angrily Flipped Out On Him & Whitney Houston

Posted On : June 7, 2018

Thanks to L.A. Reid’s memoir, ‘L.A. Reid: Sing To Me,’ we now know that his marriage to “Mercedes Boy” singer, Pebbles, was filled with drama, screaming matches, cheating allegations and of course, love. And after you read what L.A. revealed about a dispute involving the beloved Whitney Houston, himself, and Pebbles, you can add jealousy to that list as well.


According to L.A. Reid, one day Pebbles found out that Whitney was spending the night at her and L.A. Reid’s house while she was out of town. BUT, Pebbles was like ‘Nuh-uh, NOT TODAY!’ There’s far more to it than that though…check out what L.A. wrote:

Whitney came back to Atlanta one week later and she knocked out these two songs like they were nothing—pow, pow—only now we were used to it. She came back a third time to do some fixes. Aaron had been born and Pebbles was out touring behind her new album. Whitney called from her hotel to tell me her room had been broken into and she felt uncomfortable at the hotel. Could she use the guesthouse? She showed up with her manager and running partner, Robyn Crawford. It was late. I put on a movie in the theater to watch and the phone rang. It was Pebbles, who quickly became upset when she learned Whitney was there.

Pebbles (L) talking to Whitney Houston (R) (via Pinterest)

“Whitney’s in my house?” she said. “We’re not having that. My husband is not going to sit in my house late at night watching a movie with another girl.” I tried to explain, but she threw a tantrum and I started to get angry. I told her she had nothing to worry about, this was completely safe, platonic, and just us musicians. I got loud and Whitney overheard.

“She’s trippin’, huh?” she said. Whitney offered to leave, but I told her my responsibility was to take care of her and everything would be fine. “I don’t want to be in the middle of y’all’s mess,” she said.

Pebbles kept calling back and finally I took the phone off the hook. I was embarrassed. I pride myself on being a professional. I was starting a business, and was now working with—and entertaining—major celebrity superstars. I didn’t need this bullshit. Whitney went to the guesthouse to sleep.

The next day, Pebbles came home and had attitude with me. She tried having attitude with Whitney, too, but Whitney put out that fire in, like, two seconds. I don’t know what she said, but everything quickly was cool. Whitney invited us all—me, Pebbles, Babyface and his new girlfriend, Tracey (he and his wife had divorced)—to her place, so we all piled on a Delta jet and spent the weekend in New Jersey.'” – L.A. Reid’s “Sing To Me”

Celebrities- they’re just like us…regular folks with regular problems and baby mama dramas.

On a side note, Pebbles and Whitney eventually became the best of friends. They were even in each other’s weddings- Pebbles was a bridesmaid in Whitney’s marriage to Bobby; Whitney was a bridesmaid in Pebbles’ marriage (after L.A.) to baseball legend, Otis Dixon.