Laaawd..Jermaine Jackson’s Latest Business Move Gets Him Dragged On Social Media

Posted On : May 3, 2017

ILOSM fam’ we have some interesting news for you regarding Jermaine Jackson and his latest business venture. He’s just announced that he’s venturing into new territory and releasing a pretty pricey piece of jewelry that in our humble opinion is quite nice from the looks of it. However, fans are giving the brotha flack for various reasons. See what we mean below…jermaine smiling

Details On Jermaine’s New High End Watch

A few days ago, Jermaine announced the release of his self-designed $6814.00 Jelephant tourbillon watch on social media, along with a contest to meet him. Here are some of the details he posted:

To purchase the Jackson Series:

Jermaine Jackson's $6,814 Jelephant Tourbillon watch
Jermaine Jackson’s $6,814 Jelephant Tourbillon watch

Jermaine’s Jelephant tourbillon watch is pretty cool as far as it’s appearance goes. We haven’t held it in our hands, nor had it appraised, but just with the naked eye, he came through with his design. So why is he getting dragged on social media you ask? Good question…see why below…jermaine double hair pic

Why Jermaine Jackson Is Getting Dragged:

Jermaine is probably a cool dude, but as always, every time we, at ILOSM, or any other website, posts something about Jermaine, it never fails- the topic of conversation always goes back to his hair…and understandably so. Jermaine’s choice of stylin’ and profilin’ with his hairdo has taken on a life of it’s own in recent years, and therefore affects his brand and every single business move he makes. See fan reactions to his hair…

Social Backlash:

Check out some of the comments we’ve gathered from across the web, in response to Jermaine’s announcement about his Jelephant watch and the contest:

@Pizzana: “He can wear they Jelephant to match his Jelly Hair”

@Dear Lana: “What a weirdo. I can’t take anyone with “hair” like that serious in any field.”

@Baba Tundai: “Am I thee only one who believes that Jermaine would look so much better if he had a short afro like”:
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.09.08 PM
“It would shape his face better than the faux hightop he has going….if only there was enough warm water to unshellac all that brown gel hair he has around the sides and back of his head. But he lives in Cali….they just got out of a drought…..we can’t send them spiralling back into another one. … Didn’t he change his name to Jacksun!? I guess it was fake, good! I don’t care to talk about anything else he has going on.”

@Pressley: jermain reaction

@Hotbiscuits84: “Is his hairline tattooed, or does he paint it with precision everyday?”

@AkaiShuichiGirl: “And get oilpaint for hair? No thanks.”

@Ridenour: jermaine response2

Then there were other types of comments- some positive and some shady:

@Zsa Zsa Lahore : “The watch is not that bad and I can respect dude’s hustle. I wish him a lot of success with this… so he doesn’t have to scheme and plot on getting his hands on Michael’s money.”

@my_marlon : “It’s good to see a Jackson doing something for themselves without it being about Mike. And completely outside of the box too.”

So….again, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, are diggin’ Jermaine’s new Jelephant watch. But word to the wise: If he wants to sell anything outside of the past Jackson 5 and his 80’s solo albums, he may wanna reconsider drawing attention away from his hair first…even though he may in fact enjoy the attention it brings him. Either way, we’ve still got nothing but love for you Jermaine, ‘don’t take it personal’…