Ladies Are Loving Him & His Mom Is A Popular R&B Legend Who’s Still Doing Her Thing

Posted On : June 12, 2018

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This brotha is the son of a gorgeous and talented R&B legend, who’s music helped shape the late 70’s/early 80’s eras. In fact, you can still hear the classic joints she sang on, bumpin’ at various family gatherings and it’s always guaranteed to get folks up on their feet.

Today his moms is still performing on the regular and is out here showing the world what 59 and FINE looks like! Also, he has the ladies going crazy over him. One last hint before you scroll down to see if your guess is any good on this one: When it came to his mother’s hits, it was a family affair. Aiight, ILOSM fam,’ if you think you know who she is…get your scroll on and find out below…

Who’s His Mother?

Sing it with now: “We are family, I got all my sisters wth me!!!” His name is Phil Lightfoot Jr. and his moms is none other than the legendary Kathy Sledge-former lead singer of the infamous Sister Sledge! Who would’ve thought, right?!!

Kathy Sledge with her son, Phil Lightfooot Jr. (via Instagram)

Phil is the product of Kathy’s and her husband, Phil Sr.’s, decades-long marriage. The two have been married since 1981.

These days, their son, Phil Jr., is a personal trainer and specializes in using boxing techniques during his training sessions. His mother expressed how proud she was of her not-so-baby-baby boy in an online post for his birthday on January 10, 2018:

Happy Birthday…!! You are a rock,pillar and joy to all of us! …so proud how we’ve all watched you grow your company, continually change lives,and keep spirits lifted all the while. Your light shines so bright to all you touch. Thank you for being that constant “true thing”! Love you forever ❤️! Mom xx #bestsonever #rock #trainer #❤️ #loveyou

It’s unclear how old Phil Jr. is, but what we do know though, is that his mother is making 59 look like the new 29 and the family that works out together, stays together…at least when it comes to Kathy and Phil Jr. For example, THIS is what slayin’ at 59 looks like, when you’re a gym lover like Kathy Sledge…

Kathy Sledge in the gym, age 59 (via Instagram)

Apparently, Phil Jr., is a private dude, who shies away from the public limelight, unlike his famous mom and aunts. But y’all already know we did a lil’ diggin’ on the brotha and came across a few fun facts about him.
1. His love for fitness was instilled in him by his mother:

“She had me active in the gym since I was 2 years old rolling on matts and doing little simple obstacle courses and eating healthy. Growing up watching her teach prompted me to get in the fitness field,” said Phil Jr.

2. His specialty:

“‘The sweet science’ of boxing Technique and conditioning. Anaerobic strength and endurance functional fitness training, and mitt work.”

3. He hopes to make lives better through his work:

“Boxing/Boxing conditioning is a fun and challenging activity that can be simplified for a beginner and advanced for the elite. Anybody can participate in the sport weather for completion or just for a great workout. The nature of it expends a lot of energy that can be therapeutic and stress relieving. I utilize my fitness training with the principals of boxing to help clients physically with weight management and strength, and mentally with self esteem and confidence .I want to motivate those who need an extra push, and make sure that people get the results they want and need for the better.”

It’s always a beautiful thing to see the offspring of legends, carving their own lane in this world and making their parents proud.