LAPD Arrests Victim Shot With Nipsey Hussle Because Of Their Friendship & Many Are Outraged

Posted On : April 15, 2019

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As a reformed gang member himself, Nipsey understood how society shunned those with criminal records, making it far more difficult to find legitimate jobs and get outta the street life. That’s where his longtime friend, Kerry Lathan (56), comes in.

On the day they were shot -by alleged shooter, Eric Holder Jr. (29)- Kerry was just released from doing a 20 year bid for murder. Nipsey wanted to help get Kerry on the right track, by taking him to his Marathon Clothing store and hooking him up with new up-to-date clothes, so he could be fresh before reuniting with his family and friends. Never would they have imagined the tragedy that would happen while Nipsey was doing the good deed.

Video of the March 31st shooting showed Nipsey, Kerry Lathan, and their other friend being gunned down. Clearly, all three men did nothing wrong, and they also didn’t have guns to shoot back in self defense. Nonetheless, here’s where the LAPD has just intervened in a way that has many shaking their heads…

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