The Latest New Details About Teairra Mari’s Recent Arrest Are Very Disturbing

Posted On : June 24, 2019

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Teairra Mari has been in the headlines quite often in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s not because of her singing. Instead, she has been in a constant back and forth battle with 50 Cent, but even that would probably be better news than her most recent headline.

One Hell Of A Night

Over the weekend ILOSM reported on Teairra Mari’s recent arrest for DWI (driving while intoxicated), but at the time, the details were very thin. Still, it was enough to make people be concerned for her well-being.

Cops pulled Teairra over early Saturday morning after they saw her coming out of the Midtown Tunnel into Queens in a red Dodge Charger, which we’re told had sparks shooting up from the front of the vehicle.

As cops pursued, our sources say officers noticed that the front right wheel was gone and that the bumper was making contact with the ground … creating the sparks. Eventually, we’re told Teairra came to a full stop and cops performed field sobriety tests.

Mari was arrested and has been held over the weekend, waiting to be seen by a judge. But in the forty-eight hours since her arrest, new details about the night in question have surfaced…and they are very disturbing.

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