Latoya Jackson Revealed Details Of Jermaine’s & Whitney’s Rumored Relationship

Posted On : May 21, 2017

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It’s long been said that music legends, Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson, had a thing going on back in the day. Up until recent years, the rumors were just that- rumors, until a few years ago when La Toya Jackson publicly revealed some inside info about this situation. See what she had to say about the late, great Whitney and her brother, Jermaine, below…

La Toya On If Whitney & Jermaine Have An Affair?

Now, before we go any further, let’s clear up a few things about the ‘affair’ wording. For those who may not have heard, or are a lil’ too young to remember, Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy (daughter of Motown mogul, Berry Gordy) in the 70’s and 80’s. However, it was also well documented that they’re marriage reportedly experienced some separation, breakups, and make-ups, in the 80’s. Not justifying what you’re about to hear from La Toya, just adding more insight into the situation…moving on…

La Toya on “The Talk”

While Jermaine Jackson has refused to comment publicly about the alleged 80’s affair with Whitney Houston, his sister, La Toya Jackson, didn’t mind spilling the beans when she was featured on The Talk. She confirmed that Whitney and Jermaine were in a relationship:

La Toya: “Well actually, to be quite honest with you, he [Jermaine] did have a relationship. […] “Well, in ’84, Jermaine and Whitney did work together. That was the beginning of her career, basically,” Jackson says. “Sometimes when you work closely with someone …” On Jermaine denying the relationship with Whitney in his book, La Toya said: “I think that Jermaine wrote that in his book to protect Whitney at that particular time…and he has admitted that they had an affair.”

Jermaine Was Distraught When Whitney Passed

According to The Sun, at the time of Whitney Houston’s death, Jermaine Jackson was so devastated that he was unable to attend her funeral and that 3 years prior to Whitney’s death, she comforted Jermaine over the loss of his brother, Michael. Michael allegedly didn’t approve of the relationship between Jermaine and Whitney, but his disapproval didn’t stop them from seeing each other, according to those close to the situation. Even when their alleged affair ended, they still kept in touch.


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